Chapter 5

What if Love
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Loud roar of laughter echoed inside the auditorium.


Yerim –this time with Seulgi –can’t contain their laughter as they watch Seungwan climb up the makeshift tree with ease. “Unnie I knew there was a reason why we call you squirrel-wan!!”


Yerim and Seulgi groans in pain then held their heads. They simultaneously look back to see Taeyeon fighting off a smile with a rolled paper in her hand.


“I suggest you keep your laughter to a minimum if you don’t want Tiffany to kick you out”


They’re currently practicing with the rest of the class this time (no one knows why Yerim is there don’t ask). Sooyoung stood in the beautifully crafted balcony while Seungwan climbs up the tree to get to her –that was supposed to be the scene. It was supposed to be romantic but thanks to Yerim it turned into a gag.


Seungwan ignored her friends. She’s in acting mode and nothing can bother her concentration, not when there’s a beautiful girl at the balcony waiting for her. Too focused on being with her Juliet, Seungwan made a mistake of stepping unto an unstable “branch” causing her to slip and fall back to the hard floor.


Another roar of laughter from Satan’s child and now adopted child.


“Seungwan-ah!” Sooyoung was only able to call out to her Romeo. “Are you okay?”


Seulgi, still laughing, approach her best friend. “Seungwan are you okay?” she manage to ask as soon as her laughter died down, offering a hand to Seungwan.


Seungwan just smiles and accepted the help. She glance up to Sooyoung who is looking at her worriedly. She flash her most charming smile to her Juliet before showing and okay sign. She saw Sooyoung breathe a sigh of relief and her features softens.


Tiffany, after seeing the commotion, approached Yerim silently. “Yerim-ah”


Yerim smiles. “Unnie I don’t want to say I told you so but I told you so”


Tiffany chuckles. Yerim had approached her about the danger of using a props tree for Seungwan to climb. Yes, they all know Seungwan is light but it was still a tree made of papers, it was bound to give.


This is Tiffany’s reason why she keeps Yerim around. The youngest had proven her capabilities of giving unbiased and unfiltered suggestions. She was straightforward in giving feedbacks and comments, and surprisingly most of them –if not all of them –are quite helpful.


“Thank you Yerimie”


Yerim beams. “Anytime unnie”


“Take five everybody!” Tiffany yelled. “Props team huddled up!”


Yerim approached Seungwan “Unnie here”


Seungwan look at the packet that the youngest had given her. “What’s this?”


“In case your back hurts” Yerim just smiles before walking away.


“Where are you going?” Seulgi asks.


“I’m going back to class. I’ll come back later. Message me if you need anything”


Break time is almost done, and Yerim doesn’t skip classes. She may be a prankster but that doesn’t mean she’s a delinquent.








Seulgi fell back. A groan escape from her lips when her back met the hard wood with a loud thud. She was never sensitive but that push might’ve been a little too hard given that they were just acting.


“Seul are you okay?” Seungwan approach her best friend then offered a hand.


Seulgi smiles accepting the helping hand. “Yea, I slipped”


Lie. It was too hard to be a slip, she was pushed but she decides to ignore it. She will never think that her classmate would intentionally hurt her.


“Seulgi are you okay?” Tiffany worriedly asks.


“I’m fine sseam” Seulgi gave a thumbs up and a reassuring smile.


“Everybody let’s try act 3 scene. Places!” Tiffany claps her hand and everybody hurried to their places.


They were just acting, laughing even, but Seulgi knew something was off the moment Seungwan was shoved to the side, that wasn’t supposed to happen but she dismissed it as an improvised acting and practice went on.


They were now playing sword fight, his hits were getting fast and brutal but so far none has landed.


Seungwan covered Seulgi with ease, deflecting his hits that Seulgi failed to

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