Chapter 45

What if Love
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Seungwan wipes her palms against her pants. This is a silly idea–Yerim’s words, but she knows it’s the only way. “Thank you, umma” she smiles as Mommy Park places a glass of water on the table in front of her before taking her seat beside Daddy Park.


“I’m not saying that your visits are not appreciated, Seungwan but you can’t keep skipping class just to see us” Daddy Park smiles. “Sooyoung will not be happy if she finds out about this”


“I know, appa” Seungwan smiles apologetically.


Mommy Park placed a hand on top of her husband’s thighs. She can see how nervous Seungwan is, to the point that the kid is visibly shaking in front of them. “Seungwan-ah, what’s this something important that we can’t talk about over a phone call?”


Mommy Park gasped and Daddy Park’s eyes bugged out.


Seungwan kneels in front of them, her head touching the cold floor. “Umma, appa, I hope you understand. I don’t want you to think I’m meddling, I just want to help”


“Help in what, dear? And please stand up. You don’t need to bow like that” Mommy Park approaches Seungwan and tries to pull her up but she wouldn’t budge. “Sweetie please”


“I want to help send Sooyoung to college”


Mommy Park’s mouth fell. She turns to her husband who remains motionless, still processing Seungwan’s words. “Say something”


Daddy Park sighs. “Sit down Seungwan, and face us”


Seungwan swallowed the lump on then slowly lifted her head from the floor. Daddy Park never used that tone before and it scared her a little.


“Did you talk to Sooyoung about this?” Daddy Park softly asks.


Seungwan shakes her head. “I want to get your permission first before I talk to her”


“Don’t you think you should’ve talked to her first before you talked to us?” Mommy Park asks as Seungwan settles beside her. Her hand rubs soothingly at the younger’s back.


“Let’s say we agree” Daddy Park adds. “That doesn’t mean Sooyoung will agree as well. That’s a big responsibility, Seungwan. How will you pull that off?”


Those words somewhat ease the nervousness inside of Seungwan. “I will find a way, appa. Please trust me?” she looks at them pleadingly.


Daddy Park slowly nods. “You better not be doing anything illegal, or else I will be forced to disown you”


“Nothing illegal, appa” Seungwan laughs. She was finally able to calm down. “For her future, I’m willing to do this much for her”


“I’m sorry to put this burden on you, Seungwan. I promise I will pay you back”


“Actually” Seungwan shyly rubs her nape. “I already have something I want in return”


Mommy and Daddy Park look at each other.


“And that would be?” Daddy Park asks.





Seungwan stares at the beautiful scenery.


Two weeks had passed since she talked to Sooyoung’s parents and also the deal she made with her dad. She still hasn’t talked to Sooyoung about it and she’s close to keeping it a secret. She thinks she will just directly give the money to Mommy and Daddy Park but her father’s words keeps repeating in her mind and he’s right, there shouldn’t be secrets between them.


Should I ask for help from Joohyun?


Seungwan sighs.


Three months from now she’ll be leaving for Canada and will be staying there for four years. She knows she needs to talk to Sooyoung about it before she leaves but how can she do that when she still hasn’t found the nerve to bring up the topic?


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