Chapter 33

What if Love
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Sooyoung groans when the ray of sunlight hits her face. She slightly opens her eyes to look at the clock on her nightstand, 12pm. She hates her Joohyun-unnie –not really, she loves her dearly –but when the older girl makes her stay up all night for student council purposes that love is being questioned.




Sooyoung immediately sat up when she heard noises outside her room. “Unnie?” she softly called as soon as she got out of the room.


“Unnies are you sure you know how to cook?”


We have visitors? Sooyoung wonders.


With careful steps, Sooyoung approached the kitchen where the commotion was happening. 


“Don’t worry, Joohyun-ah” Sooyoung arched an eyebrow. Tiffany-ssaem? “We won’t burn down your kitchen like what we did to ours”


“You did what?” Joohyun’s tone is laced with worry.


“But that was many moons ago” a chime like voice answered, a voice Sooyoung never heard before. “We’re older and better now”


“Unnie?” Sooyoung looks at the three women in their kitchen. Tiffany-ssaem… Joohyun-unnie… and?


“Sooyoung!” Tiffany hopped towards Sooyoung’s direction, clasped her arms around the youngest in the room then dragged her towards the two. “This is Jessica, my best friend”


Sooyoung bows.


“Is Sooyoung a name for tall girls?” Jessica thinks loudly. Tiffany and Joohyun giggles while Sooyoung smiles. “You can call me, unnie. I don’t like formality”


Sooyoung nods. “Umm…” she points at the pan. “I think it’s burning?”


“Yah! Jung Sooyeon!” Tiffany let go of Sooyoung to come to her best friend’s aid. “We’ll be fine here” she flashed her eye-smile to the youngers while waving her hands dismissively. “Go watch something, anything. We’ll call you when lunch is ready” 


“Lunch?” Sooyoung furrows her brows. “But that’s pancake” Tiffany just smiles and winks at her while Joohyun tugs her towards the living room. “Unnie why is Tiffany-ssaem and her best friend in our kitchen?” she asks as she sits down on their sofa.


Joohyun just smiles. “Seungwan is throwing a party tonight, and we need the unnies’ help”


“Help for what?”


Joohyun turns to her, eyes glinting in excitement. “Makeover”


Sooyoung threw her a questioning look but Joohyun’s only answer was a smile.


After that incident of (almost) burning the food, the four were able to eat. Jessica’s pancakes are surprisingly delicious, if you just disregard the burnt part. Their lunch (?) was pleasant with Jessica asking both Sooyoung and Joohyun questions just to get to know them a little more.


Tiffany looks like a proud best friend. Jessica was never the one to initiate talks, maybe the reason she’s this comfortable with the two is because they are younger. She was never like this to their same age acquaintances.


Sooyoung volunteered to do the dishes since she didn’t help out with the cooking. Joohyun was the one who cleaned the table while the unnies took their spot on the sofa.


The doorbell rang, the same time Sooyoung walked out of the kitchen. “I’ll get it” she announced since she’s the closest to the door because Joohyun is already sitting with the unnies.


“Principal-nim?” Sooyoung’s eyes almost bulged out when she saw the person on the other side of their front door.


“Sooyoung-ah~ hello”


“Sunny!” Tiffany yelled from the sofa, her hands waving beckoning Sunny to enter.


“Please come in” Sooyoung awkwardly moves to the side to let their school principal inside.


“Sunny-unnie is fine Sooyoung. We’re not in school” Sunny smiles as she slips out from her outside shoes to change into slippers.


Sooyoung now is very curious. She’s pouting and thinking as she walks behind Sunny towards the living room.


“Sunny is already here” Tiffany beams, looking at Jessica and Joohyun. “Shall we begin?”


Joohyun, Jessica and Sunny nodded before turning to Sooyoung. All eyes were on here and it made her conscious.


“Wha–” Sooyoung wasn’t able to ask because she was shoved towards the bathroom with the unnies telling her to take a bath and come out immediately. Being the youngest, there’s nothing she can do but to do what she was told. Though it’s still a mystery what the unnies are up to. They clearly know something that she doesn’t.


After a long and hot bath that got her mind clearing, Sooyoung walked out of the bathroom to an empty living room.


Sooyoung arched her eyebrow. “Unnies?” she calls out as she makes her way towards her room. “Un–” the door of her room opened and she was pulled inside by Joohyun then led her to sit in front of her vanity mirror. (Why do they keep shoving and pulling her? 😭)


Joohyun moves towards her night stand where her phone is docked on the speaker. She fiddled with Sooyoung’s phone for a minute then the room was filled with music.



Listen to my words

Girl, please let him know




“What’s really going on?” Sooyoung asks Jessica, Tiffany and Sunny who are now towering in front of her.


“Do you trust us?” Tiffany asks, she lifted her hand to show the makeup brush.


Sooyoung sighs. Does she have a choice? She slowly nods.




Show yourself, filled with your lovable cuteness and smile.




Tiffany then proceeds to put makeup on her. She’s like a surgeon dishing out makeup terms while Sunny, sometimes Jessica, will hand her what she asked for.


After almost half an hour in the seat, Tiffany finally moves away from her with a satisfied smile on her face. “Makeup to compliment your pale skin” she winks.

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