Inner Beauty

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Areum thought she would be able to live happily ever after with the guy whom she got engaged to by force, 
but she doesn't know how wrong it was to fall for him, 
not when she is an outcast,
not when he is the most popular guy in school,
not when he is smart and athletic,
not when he is dating her older cousin.





Genre: Angst, Romance

Disclaimer: It will touch on sensitive topics such as bullying and infliction of physical and emotional pain

Characters: Kim Areum (OC), Oh Sehun, Zhang Yixing, Bae Joohyun, Kim Junmyeon

Other characters: Choi Sulli, Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, Jung Soojung

Author's Note:

This Sehun and OC fanfic has been lingering at the back of my mind for quite some time and I really can't resist myself to not share it!

Do not plagiarise. Disclaimer: This is a made-up fanfic, any similarity is purely coincidental.

Pictures are not owned by me.

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All rights reserved. SHINeeMUACKS2018

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Luweiweiwei29 0 points #1
Chapter 27: Why no update (TT)(TT)(TT)(TT)
Alisha0074 0 points #2
Chapter 27: Can we not sacrifice bunny here..... I really dont like joohyun......
Chapter 27: At this point, I'm only here for Yixing and Areum's interaction. I couldn't careless about Sehun and Joohyun. I mean despite everything she's done, its's not hard to guess she'd still end up with Joonmyeon and I think that's sad even though he "loves" her too.
Chapter 27: Ha! I knew she wasn't preggo, yeah.
161 streak #5
Chapter 27: Of all the character i dont like Areum the most she so weak and a scare cat.
176 streak #6
Chapter 27: So Joohyun will end up with Junmyeon? It's not fair. That woman did so many bad things and doesn't deserve a happy ending
22 streak #7
Chapter 27: Areum is so so so naive almost stupid this is so sad, like also why the hell did she fall in love with sehun that just doesn't make sense I hate it the only thing he did is play with his cat, act like an and keeps on bullying her how can you be attracted to that and in such a short time, I'm sorry but their relationship will forever be toxic and unhealthy even if sehun will start reciprocating. You do NOT feel happy with your bully that made you feel like absolute . Areum should wake the F up and realise that I feel like she'll forgive him for his awful acts very fast and completely ignore the past, when she shouldn't, just because one day he'll pity you and let you pet his cat doesn't mean he deserves your forgiveness. She really need to gain confidence and stop waiting for a miracle, instead of crying on people. Also I really do not like mr oh in the beginning I had mixed feelings but now totally don't support his decisions, he doesn't care about areum actually he just wants her to marry his son so that she could "save/change" his son (ugh those stereotypes someone kill me) he obviously doesn't care about the fact that she is suffering from this arranged marriage, if areum's father was still alive he won't force something like that on his daughter, okay maybe he saved you in the past and you had this pact but if it's making areum and sehun unconfortable ??? The logical decision is to stop it.
19 streak #8
Chapter 27: Chapter 27: I LOVE this chapter. It's perfect!

I like the fact that you revealed the reason behind Joohyun's and Junmyeon's animosity through their backstory arc! This is so important because I can now understand why she is the way she is, and I've come to the realization that Junmyeon is actually not that great either? Of course, Joohyun's behavior is inexcusable, but Sehun and Joohyun were into situations they did not like, so they both took initiative and reacted violently in ways to take revenge. That's why they are perfect for one another, while Junmyeon is still a mystery.

Here you portrayed love as the cause of conflict for a lot of things, but misunderstandings are even worse.

I want Areum to become more confident in herself through Yixing and leave Sehun behind altogether because even if he learns to love her through her shining inner beauty, the pain he has already inflicted is too great and I believe he will never truly, completely learn to love Areum. Sehun is smitten with Joohyun. Period. Joohyun likes Junmyeon and he wants to reciprocate but he cannot. Joohyun has a heart and she cannot let Sehun go because she is afraid that she will harm him just like Junmyeon did to her. These three beings are a mess, but together, I think they can figure it out.

I think the true villain in this story is Mr. Oh. (Sure, he created the plot in this story, but after a while, his insistence in Sehun's and Areum's marriage and husband and wifery despite all the parties' unhappiness makes me cringe..... His inner beauty is somewhat ugly even though a promise is a promise. He's a stubborn character who cannot adapt to the time period he is living in and is not sensitive to the suggestions people give him. He plays with people's lives...... Marriage ugggggh. Uggh.)

Anyway, fighting author-nim! I love it! Keep it rolling! Get that 100 upvotes!