“Are you sure? Nothing for you? How about a banana muffin?”

Chaewon glanced up from her phone, she was the driving them when Sehun suddenly decided that he wanted to get coffee before eating.

She shook her head at him, Sehun eyed the girl, he was starting to pout. And then he childishly covered the phone’s screen, Chaewon looked at him, incredulous.

“I said I didn’t want anything,” She sighed at him, Sehun pursed his lips.

“You’re always on your phone.” He mumbled as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

“I still have some catching up to do with work, young master.” She pointed out, Sehun rolled his eyes at her.

Chaewon chuckled and tossed her phone to the backseat.

“Happy?” She asked him, Sehun broke into a smile, like the child that he is.

“I’d like to occupy your time. All to myself.” Sehun murmured before kissing her cheek.


“I’ll go get you something to nibble on, don’t argue.” Sehun pointed out, he took out his wallet from his coat pocket and slid down from the car.

Chaewon was about to reach for her phone again when she noticed a box on the floor of the passenger seat.

“He must have dropped this. Ooh, Tiffany!” Chaewon said as she picked it up, she was about to open the box when she suddenly stopped.

“If this is a ring, then…this is…serious.” She mumbled, she felt her stomach tense up. She peered over at the coffee shop, Sehun was still queuing.

Chaewon slowly opened the box and she gasped, she looked around the car.

“Do I return this to him? Wouldn’t that be awkward?” She muttered to herself, she puffed her cheeks and decided to toss the box into her purse. Chaewon’s eyes went to Sehun again, and she smiled.

“Well, it’s always been him and I.”



“Sounds exciting, is eomma cooking?” Hyebin asked as she carefully sat beside her husband, Changwook smiled and took her hand in his.

“She probably is, she called the Ohs earlier today. They said they’d be joining us. Well, that’s something, huh?”

“Most brothers would not really enjoy this.” She mused at him, Hwan walked in the living room, carrying the gian teddy bear that his uncle Kai gave him.

“What I’m enjoying currently is that I get to spend time with you and the kids, also, Chaewon’s all better now.”

“All better as in, your sister’s finally with Oh Sehun.” Hyebin chuckled, Changwook grinned and leaned back on the couch.

“Was I too obvious?”

“You’ve always favored him, since back then.”

Changwook shook his head and pulled the lady closer to him.

“Appa,” Hwan spoke from the other side of the living room, he was huffing as he tried to lift the bear over his shoulder.

“What is it, son?” Changwook spoke as he turned his head to the boy.

“Do you need help?”

“No, but eomma, auntie did,”

“Auntie did what?”

“Auntie Chaewon handed me this a few days ago, she was worried I didn’t have enough money for school lunch, so,”

Hwan padded towards them and took out something from his pocket, Hyebin balked at her son. Changwook looked at the black credit card on his son’s hand, it was the said card was also in his son’s name. It was also issued under Chaewon’s name, therefore it had no limit.

“Ji Chaewon,” Changwook sighed, Jaehwan didn’t even need money for school lunch. He was still in preschool.

“You know what, I’ll hold on to that for you, son. I’ll talk to auntie about this.” Changwook said to the boy, he nodded back before moving back towards his toy.

Hyebin chuckled as Changwook looked at her.

“Aigoo, just like the brother, she’s a spoiler too.”



“Is it for me?”

Sehun scrunched his nose at her, Chaewon started to laugh as the male grew tensed.

“Earlier, you asked me to wait in the car. You wanted to get coffee, remember?”

Sehun nodded, Chaewon took out a small blue box from her purse.

“You…kind of dropped this on the floor. I wanted to tell you about it, but you never gave me the chance to.”

“You could have..messaged me or something.” He said, his childish side showing up for a brief moment.

“Sehun, we were together the whole day.” She said as she pushed the box towards him, Sehun’s brows rose, he his lips and looked away.

“Chaewon-ah, I know how this looks. And, I am every much aware that we just got back together.”

“Yes, we did.” She mused as she forked around her pasta, Sehun puffed his cheek.

“But, I wasn’t going to ask you to marry me. Not like this.”

“Okay, ouch?” She grew amused, but she was playful, which irked Sehun more. How could she be so calm?

“I simply wanted to give it to you. I had this made back then, back..before everything happened. But now, I realized that things shouldn’t be rushed. We don’t have to rush. And, I don’t want to pressure you or anything.”

“I don’t feel pressured when I’m with you.” Chaewon said, she met her gaze evenly and gave him a small smile.

“This,” Sehun opened the box and put it before her.

“I want you to have it, I mean, if you’re okay with having it. This ring, it just simply…It’s my promise, Ji Chaewon.”

“P—Promise?” She repeated, now she was confused.

“It’s my promise that I’d never leave you again, and that, my heart is yours. Always.” Sehun said, his voice soft and raw. Chaewon paused, her forehead creasing and then she stood up. She walked towards his side of the table, Sehun looked at her, still tensed. He had no idea how Chaewon would react to what he had just said.

“I heard you, Oh Sehun. I know.” She smiled before leaning down to kiss his forehead, Sehun halted, his palm went to her waist.

“I love you, you know that, right?” Sehun asked her, she nodded back.




“This is perfect.” Kai said as he looked at the news, his cousin glanced at him. Hyebin had just come from a checkup and decided to visit the office.

“My father-in-law has been sentenced guilty, and you think this is perfect.”

“Come on, noona, he got it lightly. Seven years in prison, if Sehun opened his mouth, what do you think will happen? At least, he still has a chance to see Hwan when he’s out.”

“Good point.” She mumbled, Kai smiled at her.

“So, did you find out the gender?”

“We’ll announce it this week, don’t rush, uncle.” She said sharply, Kai chuckled at her.

“I still can’t believe Sehun did that to Ko Motors. It was…terrifying at the same time enteraining.”

Kai put his cup of tea down and nodded back.

“Hyejin messed with Chaewon, she had it coming.”

“Oh Sehun’s a bit…tough.”

“Well, Hyejin didn’t really have to attack Chaewon, right? If you cross Chaewon,”

“You cross Oh Sehun.” Hyebin could not help but smile, looking back, it was kind of true. Sehun had always been protective over her. He was protective but never suffocating. He’d always patient and gentle with her, but he did make sure she was safe and nothing was on her way.

“I still don’t understand why their father is so against him.”

“Easy,” Kai spoke, the pregnant lady looked at him.


“The moment Sehun walked into her life, he realized that he could no longer have Chaewon listen to him. He thought that Changwook hyung was against him, so in turn, he was starting to think that he could talk Chaewon into being his ally.”

“But, Chaewon’s time…Sehun took up Chaewon’s time.”

“And attention. And well, Sehun made her see things, learn stuff she could never get out of her training at the company.”

“He was threatened.” Hyebin stated.

“Yes, and instead of talking about it with his daughter, he chose the wrong path.” Kai murmured, Hyebin frowned.

“If he only gave those two a chance, maybe..things wouldn’t be so messed up.”

“But, they’re not messed up now. Sehun and Chaewon. Perfect.”




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Hi Author bluestone!!

Aww they are too cute!! This was such a great read!! Thank you for doing your best!!

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