Joohyuk put his phone on the table and opened his laptop, Chaewon was videocalling him.

“Are you feeling better?”

“I am, but walking .” She complained, Joohyuk snorted at her.

“Who told you to ride a bike?” He shot back.

Chaewon rolled her eyes at him, Joohyuk chuckled, he was in his home office.

“Is work piling up? Sorry for keeping you here.”

“It’s fine, besides, abeoji has always been talking me into staying in Seoul for a bit.”

“But, this isn’t home.” She replied, Joohyuk smiled and nodded.

“You are home, J.Won. Don’t mind me.”

“How are things there? Is Hwan okay?”

“Hwan misses you, Hyebin noona is a bit skeptical with how things are going with your father, but to be honest with you,” Joohyuk said with a conspiring grin.

Chaewon grew amused.

“Your father deserves it. Good thing you didn’t decide on going public with the Sehun video. That would have just, finished everything.”

Chaewon paused, her brows furrowing.

“It’s..I’d like to respect Sehun’s decision on that. I mean, for years he kept that, he didn’t want to cause any trouble.”

“He’s quite special, huh?” Joohyuk mused, Chaewon nodded back and sighed.

“I just realized how good I’ve got it, you know. Despite everything that happened, if he did decide to go public with that, it would have destroyed my family.”

“So, you really just had to cut off your father before attacking him?” Joohyuk spoke, Chaewon smiled.

“I had to protect the company, our employees did nothing wrong.”

“When are we expecting you back? I kinda miss not being dragged around by you.”

“Maybe next week? Sehun’s not very keen on flying back too soon.”

“Dude, bruised ribs, remember?” Joohyuk pointed out, his tone dry.

“I can still walk.”

“Tell that to your Samsung boy. I’m sure he’ll find a way.” He said teasingly, and then he paused.

“Wait, so, things are okay between you two now? Are you..back together?”

“Well, it~”

“That means I can go home now!” He cheered, Chaewon grimaced.

“You two are the perfect match, he can keep up with you like~”

“Okay, I’ll see you in Seoul. Take care.” She said before quickly ending the call, the girl let out a sigh before going back to the table.

Chaewon was smiling as she lef the room.

“Oh Sehun.” She whispered as she slowly went down to the living room.



Changwook’s brows rose as the news went on, Chaewon was seated beside him, unbothered.

“What’s going to happen then? The trial?”

“Yes, the two of them will have to go to trial, there are also questions regarding abeoji’s fraud cases.”

Chaewon shook her head, she picked up the bowl of popcorn before her and started to eat.

“I know that most children should feel bad when put in this situation but,” The older male started, Chaewon glanced at him.

“Oppa, it’s fine. You don’t have to act all nice and considerate before me. You can vengeful and angry too.”

He sighed at her, Chaewon chuckled.

“Our father got what he deserves, I mean, you reap what you sow, right?”

“He did the worst to you and Sehun. It’s amazing~”

“Don’t even start, I’m not going to meet him.” She hissed, Changwook chewed on his lower lip. Their father had requested to meet with Chaewon, he had been trying to reach her for a few days now. Mister Ji was currently detained by the police as of the moment, and so far the only family member he’s been trying to contact was his only daughter.

“What if he has things to say? I mean, abeo~”

“Drop it, oppa. I’m not going to meet him.” She put the bowl down and stood up, Changwook exhaled as the girl went back to her room.

Sehun walked in, he paused when he noticed that the girl had left.

“I have to fly home tomorrow, with the trial coming up, I’m kind of needed at the company. Damage control.” He spoke, Sehun nodded back.

“I have nothing to say, but thank you.” He said, Sehun started to shake his head.

“Hyung, you don’t have to~”

“I don’t know what came to our father, but you’ve always been there for her. Scratch that, I’ve always known you were perfect for my sister.”

“However, don’t let it get to your head.” Changwook added with a grin.

“I won’t, hyung.” Sehun chuckled back.

“I should start packing up, take care of her for me.” He said as he stood up, Sehun nodded and walked to older male to the front door.



“Hwan,” Hyebin smiled as her son walked in the living room.

“I got a call from appa, he’s coming home. Does that mean auntie Chaewon is all healed now?” He asked as he climbed on the couch.

“Yes, auntie is all better now, but it might take a while for her to fly back. Do you miss her?”

“I do, auntie’s the only one who let me have marshmallows with my cereal.” He pouted.

“Chaewon is a spoiler.” Kai walked in with a grin.

“How was work? I heard the office is a bit~”

“Messy. But, it’s fine, noona. Don’t worry.” Kai reassured the girl, she smiled and shook her head.

“Changwook also has to rush home, with the media focusing on the case now. It’s good that Chaewon cut off all ties between him and the company before this blew up.”

“Still, it’s something…I never expected from her.” Hyebin said, Kai shrugged.

“Chaewon…she has the ability to be as cold hearted as she wants, and I kind of understand her anger, noona.”

Hwan took the opportunity to switch the TV channel and smiled to himself.

“It may look bad now, siding with Sehun and letting her father be, but he’s done so much to the family. That’s why, I get it. I get her anger.” Kai explained, Hyebin sighed.

“I know that, I’m just worried that…you know, she’ll lose herself in the process. We don’t even know what’s going on between those two.”

Kai smiled to himself.

“Noona, whatever happens, Chaewon would never turn her back on family. She might be really cold now, but Sehun,”

“Sehun will talk her out of it?”

“No, Sehun would never tell her what to do. But, she listens to him, so, don’t worry too much.”



Chaewon exhaled and closed her eyes, she was sitting by the windowsill when she saw her brother driving away from the residence.

She scrunched her nose in annoyance.

She turned her head when the door opened, Sehun walked in with a small smile on his face.

“Let’s go out for dinner.” He spoke as he walked towards her, she nodded back.

“Noodles would be good.” She said as she slid down from the windowsill, Sehun plopped down on the couch and waved her over. Chaewon had been getting over the past few days, but she still had a little difficulty when climbing up and down the stairs.

Chaewon sat down beside him, her lips pursed.

“Now, I kinda miss Nam Joohyuk.”

“He called this morning, right?” Sehun asked, she nodded back.

“He did, but he always had some crazy idea to distract me from everything. I’m sorry, but, he kinda keeps me sane too.” She said to him, Sehun smiled and nodded.

“Chaewon-ah,” Sehun spoke, she turned her head to him.

“I..I have something to ask you,”

“What is it?” Chaewon turned her attention to him, Sehun paused, the strap of her bra was peeking from her shirt. He leaned over to fix it himself before meeting her gaze.

“You have a copy of that video, you had it played for the board of directors.”

She paused, Sehun noticed how her brows went up.

“Sehun-ah, I~”

“You had it all, but why? Why didn’t you show that to the police? You had the perfect opportunity to do that.”

Chaewon’s forehead creased and then she sighed.

“I wanted to, but i had to think of you. You never told me about this, so what right do I have to show this to the public? And, you’re not just anybody, you’re Samsung’s nexg president. The way people will see you, it will change.”


“I mean, look at us now, Oh Sehun.” She groaned and ran her fingers through her hair.

“What are you talking about?”

“The moment people find out about us, can you imagine how messy it would be? If I went public with that video, and people realize we’re..back together. You are basically dating the daughter of the man who almost killed you.”

Sehun was stunned, he didn’t know what to say. Chaewon slid down from the couch.

“I just…I don’t know how to process all this.”

“Chaewon, wait,” Sehun took her by the arm, the girl halted.

“I never even saw it that way, your~”

“Then, you’re a bit blind, mister Oh.” She murmured, Sehun sighed and shook his head.

“No matter what happened, I’ll always choose you, Chaewon. You know that.” He cupped her cheeks and made her meet his gaze.

“Still doesn’t change the fact that I~”

“Still doesn’t change the fact that I’ve always loved you, Ji Chaewon. That’s it.”


“You and me, that’s all that matters.” Sehun murmured before kissing the tip of her nose.




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