“Unnie’s lucky she’s pregnant.” Chaewon spoke as they stepped in the hall, Changwook smiled at his sibling. They were at a company party, hosted by JBG. And obviously, the two Ji children were required to attend, Haerin too, but she wasn’t feeling well.

“Did you invite Sehun?”

“I told him, he said he’ll call me as soon as he gets here.” Chaewon said, she was dressed in a nice lavender gown the hugged all her curves correctly while her brother looked dashing in a tuxedo.

“Eomma told me about meeting him,”

“Oh my god, oppa that was so embarrassing. She told him about~”

“Look at you two, my precious gems,”

The siblings paused, their father was standing before them, with his new woman in tow. Changwook exhaled and looked away. There were people watching them, it was a company party for crying out loud, why did their father bring his girlfriend here?

“What do you want, abeoji?” Changwok asked, Chaewon eyed the lady warily, she was about to step away when her father turned his gaze to her.

“I wanted to talk to my daughter.”

Charwon halted, she faced the elder.

“I found out you are dating with this…thug,” He grimaced, Chaewon’s eyes widened.

“T—Thug?” She repeated, stunned.


“No, let me speak. She has to hear this. Chaewon, the man you’re with, I will never approve of him. He looks like trouble and I know he is.” Mr. Ji laughed out loud, now people were looking at them. Changwook bit his lip, he turned to his sister.

“What did Sehun ever do to you?” Chaewon spoke again.

“See? You’re taking his side instead of your father’s. He’s got his claws on you already!”

Chaewon was about to reply, but she took a deep breath.

“Let’s talk about this privately, president Ji.” She said through gritted teeth before walking away from them, Mr. Ji smiled and followed her out of the hall.



Kai looked up from the TV when Sehun stepped out of his room, he was dressed in a crisp black and white tuxedo.

“Oh, you have that JBG party.”

“I thought you were coming.” Sehun spoke to him.

“No, I volunteered to bring over some fried chicken to Haerin noona later. She doesn’t want to eat alone.”

“You and…Chaewon, you’re really serious about her, huh?” Kai said, Sehun fixed his watch on his wrist and looked at him.

“What brought this up?”

“Nothing, it’s just that, I don’t like how people talk about you two at school. Don’t you hear it?”

Sehun paused, he shook his head at him.

“Well, to put into simpler terms, they think that she’s too good for you.”

Sehun tilted his head, he chucked his phone in his coat pocket.

“I mean, everyone knows how different Chaewon is, a bright student, super polite and friendly, zero bad record and all.”

“Wow. Thanks, Kai.” Sehun pointed out, Kai shook his head.

“What I meant was that, you are literally opposites. That’s why people talk, they think you’re just toying her around.”

Sehun’s brows rose and he crossed his arms.

“And, I know that’s not the case, Samsung. Don’t worry.” Kai added, Sehun shook his head.

“I’ll see you later.” Sehun said, he grabbed his car keys on the coffee table, but Kai spoke again.

“You love her, don’t you?”

Sehun glanced back at him before replying.

“I do.”



“What’s your problem, abeoji? What else do you want from us?

“I saw that guy you’ve been bringing home. Are you out of your mind? You even rode his motorcycle!” He yelled at her, Chaewon paused.

“Have you been spying on me?”

“I checked with your security detail at home~”

“And you think you have the right to tell me who I should see and not?” Chaewon shot back, she could feel her cheeks heating up.

“I am your father, and it is my responsibility to warn you. That boy,” He spat and raised his arms at her.

“Is trouble. I don’t know how he managed to wrap you around his fingers, but he already seems to have done it.”

“Sehun is not like that, abeoji. And, I don’t need to explain this to you.” Chaewon retorted, Changwook jogged towards them.

“Abeoji, I’ve met him many times and~”

“You think I would let my only daughter be with that troublemaker? He probably just wants to get in bed with you.”

“Abeoji!” Channgwook stepped between them, but Chaewon’s eyes where not on them.

“I don’t approve of him, get rid of him before I have to! And, that boy’s just using you.”

“S—Sehun-ah.” Chaewon blurted out.



Chaewon went past the doors, she flinched as the chilly air touched her bare shoulders, Sehun was still meters ahead of her.

“Sehun-ah!” She jogged after him, Sehun finally stopped and he turned to her.

“W—Wait,” She blurted as she crossed the distance between them, Sehun exhaled and met her gaze.

“Go back inside, your father~”

“What you just heard, it’s not~”

“You never told me that he was against us,” Sehun spoke, his tone soft.

“I didn’t know he was, I…don’t think it matters anymore.” She said to him.

“Chaewon, he’s your father.”

“He left us, Sehun. He broke our family.” Chaewon stated, Sehun sighed and reached out to cup her cheek.

“Go back inside, and talk to him. He’ll hate me more if you stay out here any longer.”

“I’m sorry.” Chaewon said to him, Sehun smiled and shook his head at her.

“It’s not your fault. Go on.” Sehun pressed his lips against hers, Chaewon smiled before kissing him back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said, Chaewon reluctantly let go of his sleeve.

“Can’t you just stay? Please.” She bit her lip, Sehun slowly shook his head, he nodded his towards the direction of the hotel doors before turning his back to her. Sehun walked away, and crossed the street.

Chaewon’s fists curled and she looked up.

“Sehun-ah!” She called as she rushed to catch up with him, Sehun glanced back, he saw her smiling face as she jogged towards him.


And then it suddenly got too bright, Sehun’s eyes widened as he realized what was happening.

“Chaewon, get out~” Sehun halted as Chaewon’s body was in midair for a few seconds, and her lifeless form landed on the road with a loud thud.



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Chapter 48: ⋆。°✩Reader Comment⋆。°✩

Hi Author bluestone!!

Aww they are too cute!! This was such a great read!! Thank you for doing your best!!

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I do not know who to be more afraid of Sehun or Chaewon..I do not want to anger either of them because they are really alike when the person they love is hurt by someone..but Chaewon does have a point about leaking the video about Sehun..and he is blind to it..but then again he loves her a lot so it would not matter too much..I hope she could see it like that too soon..

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