Chaewon paused, her brows rose briefly.
“Chaewon-ah, please.”
Her eyes went towards the elevator, her brows furrowed together and then she let out a small sigh.
“Sehun knows what he’s doing, Kai.”
“You have to talk to him, it’s~”
“He doesn’t know things without reason. Don’t worry.” She said as she walked towards the elevator, she stepped in and leaned against the wall.
“This isn’t going to look good, Chaewon.”
“I don’t know.” Chaewon replied before ending the call, she put her phone away and closed her eyes briefly.
“It’s all over the news, ma’am. Samsung really did..chew them out.” Her secretary spoke, Chaewon pursed her lips.
“I know, something must have happened. But I need to be here.” 
The doors slid open and she walked out of the machine, she saw the head of surgery already waiting for her, the doctor greeted her with warm.
“Chaewon-ah, it has been a while.” He said with familiarity, the girl smiled.
“Exactly, uncle, I haven’t seen you since Hwan was born.” She said, the doctor was a good friend of their father’s and he had remained closed with the Ji children despite their broken relationship with mister Ji.
“Come, let’s talk in my office.”
Chaewon nodded and walked after him, but she glanced back at her secretary.
“Contact Sehun’s secretary. Tell him I’d like to see him, preferably dinner.”



Hyebin glanced at her cousin then at her husband, they were at the Ji residence. Kai had arrived earlier, thinking Chaewon was home.
“I don’t understand, what is he doing?” Changwook spoke, Hwan walked in with a bunch of toy cars and sat down beside his father.
“That’s why I’m trying to get Chaewon to talk to him. He wont explain this to anyone.” Kai replied, Hyebin chewed on her lower lip.
“I thought they were being arranged or something, is this normal?” She asked, Kai shook his head.
“He’s bleeding them out, noona.”
“Do you think this is somehow related to Chaewon? But how?” Changwook murmured, he picked up his phone to check his emails.
“Sehun’s being aggressive, and it’s not like him. Something must have really angered him, but why the Kos?” Kai murmured and ran his fingers through his hair. Even Sehun’s mother had asked about his whereabouts and what was going on.
“Maybe this is his way of saying that he’s out of whatever arrangement they have for the two of them?” Hyebin blinked, Changwook couldn’t help but chuckle and shake his head.
“But,” Hwan suddenly spoke, just as Joohyuk walked in the room.
“Have you seen the news? What’s the ex-boyfriend doing? Is this an example of him throwing tantrums?” Joohyuk spoke, Kai smirked at him and shook his head.
“Appa, haven’t you considered,”
The adults were all looking at Hwan as he stood up and carried his big toy bus with him.
“That Sehun uncle must be angry with them? Maybe they did something bad to auntie Chaewon.”
Joohuk tilted his head and looked at Changwook.
“Something bad?” Hyebin repeated, Hwan rolled his eyes, which actually surprised them.
“I saw that photo of them, it’s not that hard to figure that uncle Sehun likes auntie Chaewon. It’s quite obvious, eomma.”
Hyebin was stunned, Hwan scrunched his nose before simply walking to the garden with his toys, Changwook chuckled to himself.
“W—Wait, that makes sense, noona. This must be really related to Chaewon.”



“Her secretary called?” Sehun looked up from his desk, the male before him nodded back. The young executive leaned back on his chair and closed his laptop.
“The vice president is in a meeting right now, but she wants to meet for dinner. What should I say, sir?”
Sehun loosened his tie, his forehead creasing.
“I’ll pick her up later.”
The male nodded, he was about to leave the office when the doors opened. Sehun paused when he saw his mother walk in, he sighed and dismissed his assistant.
“Eomma,” He stood up from his seat to greet her.
“What’s happening? Are you really the one behind this?” She asked, concern coating her voice as she sat down, Sehun took the seat across hers.
“I am.” Sehun replied, his mother paused, stunned.
“Son, what are you doing? The Kos are~”
“Hyejin was the one behind all those photos and articles, eomma. She sent men to follow Chaewon around and had them take photos of her without her knowledge.”
Mrs. Oh’s eyes widened in shock and then she started to shake her head.
“Sehun-ah, why all this for your ex-girlfriend? You told us that things were really over between you two.”
Sehun let out a breath before shaking his head.
“What about Hyejin? You~”
“I didn’t promise her anything. I was only being polite.” Sehun said, his mother nodded back, fully understanding him.
“Eomma, Chaewon…it will always be her. It’s always been her.” Sehun said softly, his mother faced him and she smiled.
“And, this time around, I’m not going to let her go.”
“I had a feeling this would happen, I know you two have been talking again. My pretty Chaewon.” His mother leaned over to hold his hand.
“I’m not going to stop you, but go gently with the Kos, son. You might lose yourself with all that anger.”


Chaewon sat down and looked at doctor Song, she chewed on her lower lip as he rummaged through his drawer.
“This seems serious, uncle.”
He paused and glanced at her.
“It is, Chaewon. And I think it’s time I come clean.” He said as he placed a Ziploc bag on the table between them, the girl was confused but she picked it up.
Chaewon froze when she realized they were bullets, there were two of them inside the bag.
“You asked about the Samsung boy, I was the one who operated on him when your father’s secretary rushed him here.”
“My father’s secretary?” Chaewon repeated, the male let out a shaky breath before speaking.
“Chaewon-ah, there’s a reason why you haven’t seen me in any of your father’s gatherings or as to why I don’t contact him anymore.” The elder before him looked distressed and uncomfortable.
“Uncle, what do you mean?” Chaewon started to worry. 
“You see when the young master Oh was taken here, I was surprised that he had bulletshot wounds. But your father’s men asked me to keep everything on the low, no police and no whatsoever. They even reasoned that you and him were messing around at your father’s gun room, and he was my friend, so I believed him.”
“I—It..The gun used..was my father’s?” Chaewon choked, her fingers started to shake.
“I wanted to make sure, so, I called up a friend at the police station. I had him check ballistics, they traced it back to one of your father’s handguns.”
Chaewon’s purse slid down from her lap.
“Uncle, I almost never go in his gun room.” She breathed.
“I knew it wasn’t you, Chaewon. I heard your father’s men talking, he was the one who shot him while you were inside the operating room.”
“W—What?” Chaewon choked, her lips quivered.
“He shot him and told him to leave.”


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