Chaewon puffed her cheeks as she stepped out to the veranda, she had just finished dinner and the young executive couldn’t bring herself to relax.

She crossed her arms in annoyance and exhaled.


She turned her head just as her secretary joined her, she nodded for him to speak.

“You asked me…to check on what happened after the accident, I specifically asked for vice chairman Oh’s records.”

Chaewon’s eyes went to the male, sensing his discomfort.

“Is it that bad?” She prepared herself, the male could only nod back.

“Right after he was released from the hospital, he..got into some trouble, ma’am.”

“Trouble?” She repeated and leaned against the balustrade.

“Alcohol abuse, vice president.”

Chaewon’s eyes widened and she held onto the railings behind her, she let out a shaky breath.

“I’m guessing that’s not all.”

“Yes, he was sent to rehab for a year, that’s why it was hard to trace his acitvities the first. That was the missing link, vice president.”

She closed her eyes and sat down, her secretary could only look away.

“That’s why he no longer drinks.” She whispered to herself.

“It was due to trauma, vice president. It really affected the vice chairman, the accident, Mr. Shim shooting him, and he was also blamed for the~”

“I need some air.” She murmured as she took her purse from him and dashed out of the room.



Sehun rushed down from the car and went inside the hotel lobby. His eyes scanned the area and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Why Jeju?” He said to himself as he approached the front desk.

“Good evening, sir. How may I~”

“I’d like to ask about your guest, Nam Joohyuk. He has a room booked here.”

The female behind the counter paused, her brows furrowing.

“I’m sorry, but, sir~”

Sehun exhaled, he took out one of his business cards and placed it on the table.

“I’m sorry, but I have to know.” He said firmly, the woman’s eyes widened as she read the name of the card and she immediately checked on her computer.

“They checked in earlier, a suite at our top floor, sir. Would you like me to call~”

Sehun jogged towards the elevator and waited for the doors to ping open, but before he could go inside a loud purring of an engine made him pause.

His gaze shifted towards the hotel’s front curb, and then he saw a familiar silhouette fixing her helmet as she sat on a Ducati motorbike.

Sehun’s eyes widened in realization, he was about to move when he saw Chaewon’s secretary running after her, but the girl simply straightened her leather gloves before careening away from the building in full speed.

Sehun made his way towards the male, the latter was stunned to see him.

“S—Sir!” He choked, Sehun glanced over his shoulder before speaking.

“What happened? What’s going on?”

“The…vice president wanted to step out for a bit, I didn’t know she had other plans. I already had the car prepared.”

“Do you have any idea where she’s off to?” Sehun asked, bothered.

“No, sir.” The male replied, the young executive let out sigh.

“What happened? Why did she do that to her father?”

The secretary’s eyes widened, but he closed his mouth.

“Sir, I believe this is something you should discuss with the vice president.”



“She’s in Jeju?”

Joohyuk nodded back, Changwook let out a sigh of relief.

“I asked to break up, but Chaewon asked me to stay for a bit. So, I got a little worried, hyung.”

They were gathered at the Ji residence, Joohyuk had decided to stay the night just in case something comes up.

“But, what really happened? Chaewon did all that?”

“Yes, our father is basically just a placeholder in the company, he holds nothing, and he controls nothing.” Changwook murmured, Hyebin frowned and took her seat.

“She found out, huh?” Joohyuk asked, the two nodded.

“What…Just up to what extent do you know, hyung, noona?”

The couple glanced at each other, Hyebin blinked at the male.

“What do you mean?”

“I found out myself a few days ago, noona. Sehun did not only get hurt because of the gunshot wounds. It was…a lot worse.”

“What are you talking about?” Changwook spoke, he sat up.

“His surgeries went well, he was released from the hospital. Not long after that, Sehun got into a lot of trouble.”

“What? What trouble?”

“He was sent to rehab for alcohol abuse. And depression.”

The two were stunned, Hyebin started to shake her head.

“It got so bad that he had to be hidden from the public eye. I’m sure Kai is aware of this, but eveyrthing’s been kept under the wraps.”

“You know it never made sense that the Ohs didn’t come for my father.” Changwook murmured.

“Do you actually think,” Another voice chimed in, Hyebin glanced up, Kai walked in the room.

“That Sehun would let Chaewon’s name be tainted like that?”



Chaewon winced as she took off her helmet, she tossed it away and exhaled. She felt a stabbing pain on her elbow and she ignored it.

Everything hurt.

And she hated it.

Everything overwhelmed her.

And it was so unfair.

She leaned against the railings and let her tears fall.

How could this happen? How could she let this happen?

She started to shake uncontrollably.

All the years she spent on trying to hate him, acting as if he never existed, she did all that. Not knowing what really happened.

How could she easily believe that Sehun would really just leave her?

Chaewon sat down on the ground and leaned her back.

She wasn’t the only who got hurt, he did too. And he suffered so much because of her.

It was all because of her.

Chaewon ignored the throbbing pain as blood dripped down from her elbow and to the ground.

She wrapped her arms around herself, her thoughts went to her father and her fists curled tightly.

How could he do that? What did Sehun ever do to him?

Maybe, she should have never introduced Sehun to her family. Maybe, he would have never gotten hurt. Maybe, he would never have gotten damaged by her.

She hurt him.

And she could never forgive herself for that.

She closed her eyes and curled her knees towards her to cover her face, and then she hissed in pain. Her hand went to her side briefly, and then she slowly lifted her shirt.

There was a purple bruise across her side, she grimaced before putting her shirt down again.

Chaewon shook her head, she removed her gloves and put them away, she covered her face with her hands and exhaled.

“I’m sorry. I don’t deserve you.”



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