Sehun pursed his lips as the car rolled in the Ji property, something didn’t feel right with Chaewon. And it bothered him. A lot.

He chewed on the insides of his cheek as he glanced at her again, she had been quiet ever since this afternoon and he still had no idea why she was crying earlier.

But what bothered him most was his actions.

He had forgotten about Nam Joohyuk.

It was probably why Chaewon was fidgety during dinner, he had kissed her nose without even thinking.


The girl faced him as the car pulled to a full stop.

“Are you…really okay?” Sehun asked her, she nodded back.

“I mean, if you were tired, you didn’t have to drop by and~”

“Sehun-ah, it’s fine. I’m okay.” She smiled as she reached out to pat his hand.

“I needed the time away from work anyway, thanks for driving me home.”

Sehun was about to reply when he saw Joohyuk step out from the house, his forehead creased briefly.

“You’re not okay. I know that.”

Chaewon scrunched her nose at him, Sehun shrugged back at the girl.

“But you don’t have to tell me. I just know.”

She exhaled before opening the car’s door.

“Good night, Oh Sehun.”

Sehun smiled and nodded for her to get along, but Chaewon paused. Her eyes went to him again, and she chewed on her lower lip.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Joohyuk about our little chat today.” Sehun said to her, then the girl blinked at him.

“I—It’s not that. I just…I just,”

Sehun met her gaze evenly, now he was more confused.

“Nothing, drive safely.” She murmured before sliding down the vehicle. Sehun watched as the girl walked towards her boyfriend, Joohyuk was grinning at her and took her hand.

Sehun’s forehead creased before backing out of the driveway.

“What am I doing?” He mumured to himself before driving away from the property.



“Sehun dropped you off, were you two out together?” Joohyuk asked as he walked with her, Chaewon glanced at him and narrowed her eyes at the male.

“We had dinner.” Her reply was short, and then they walked in the house. She paused when she heard Hwan’s voice from the living room.

“Do we have visit~” Chaewon stopped when she saw her father with Hwan, her brows furrowed deeply.

“Oh, Chaewon. Finally, you’re here.” The male turned to her, Joohyuk looked at his friend, he could sense the shift in her mood.

“Hwan, why don’t you go up to your room?” Chaewon put her bag down and walked around the couch.

“But, auntie, haraboji was just~”

“I said your room. Now.” Chaewon said, her tone changing, Joohyuk grew alarmed and he quickly lifted the toddler in his arms.

“Chaewon-ah, you didn’t have to~”

“Who said I was going to talk to you, I just want Hwan to sleep early.” Chaewon pointed out before walking towards the counter and poured herself a drink.

“Chaewon, I just need you to understand that I have to be back at the company, and I would like you to reason with your brother~”

“Ah, you wanted to talk. Set an appointment with my secretary.”

Her father was stunned, he looked around them.

“Chaewon, let me remind you, I am your father. I am supposed to be the one giving orders and not you or your brother.” He told her, Chaewon started to laugh.

“But we’re talking about the company, I am vice president and you have no position since haraboji kicked you out due to your indiscretion, which, may I remind you, that you’re all blaming on me.” She pointed out, the girl sat down and crossed her legs.

“Chaewon, you~”

“You may address me as vice president Ji, mister Ji.”

Her father had gone red, he yanked Chaewon’s glass from her hand and threw it against the wall.

“You ingrate!”

Changwook rushed into the room and looked at the two, he noticed the broken glass on the floor.

“What’s going on?” He spoke, Chaewon turned to her sibling and smirked.

“This adult is throwing a hissy fit. Oppa, show him his way out.”

“Ji Chaewon, you~”

“Fine, if you badly need a job, mister Ji, go to the company tomorrow.” Chaewon snapped at him, Changwook halted.

“And talk to the board about your case, because I am sure as hell, they won’t let you in again.”

“Chaewon-ah, what are you saying?” The brother spoke, Mr. Ji looked at his daughter and tilted his head.

“Just get out of my sight.” Chaewon stated before going to her room.



“What did your father want?”Joohyuk asked as Chaewon stepped out of the bathroom, she was already dressed for bed.

“He wants in the company again.” She replied as she plopped down on the sofa, Joohyuk frowned.

“Is everything alright, J.Won?”

Chaewon turned to the male, her lower lip quivered but she nodded back.

“I don’t like seeing him, that’s all.”

“It doesn’t feel like it’s just that.”

Chaewon leaned back on the seat and didn’t reply.

“Can…we break up now?” Joohyuk asked her, she blinked at him, now she was smiling.

“Already found my replacement?”

He rolled his eyes and sat down beside her, Joohyuk opened one arm to the girl and she happiled leaned against him.

“I might need to head back to LA, J.Won. Plus, I feel like I’m being an obstacle.”


“Baby girl, I am the only reason why Oh Sehun hasn’t made any move on you.”

Chaewon stilled, her forehead creasing.

“Unless, he already has?” Joohyuk said in a playful tone.

“Fine, we can break up. But,” Chaewon turned to him to meet his gaze evenly.

“Don’t leave yet. I…still have things I need to do, and I’d like you to be around. Can…Can you do that for me?”

Joohyuk smiled and patted her head.

“Of course.”



Changwook looked around as the JGH’s board of directors filled up the room. His secretary remained behind him, checking his schedule.

“Chaewon? I don’t see her.” Changwook as their father walked in the room, with his head held high, also in his arm was his mistress.

“The vice president has just arrived, she’s already on her way, sir.”

The rest of the directors greeted the elder with familiarity before taking their seats and then Chaewon finally appeared.

“Good morning, sorry for being the last one here. I had a lot of things to prepare for the meeting.” Chaewon chirped, Changwook’s brows rose.

“Ah, my daughter is here. Tell me, has she been doing a good job?” Mr. Ji spoke, Changwook grimaced.

“Mister Ji here wants to talk about his case, he wants to be back in position.” Chaewon begun, there was a soft murmur in the room.

“Correct, it has been a while since I’ve said this, but my son has been blocking me from everything.” He chimed in, pleased.

Chaewon met gazes with her father’s mistress and the woman smirked at her.

“Well, I am here to help the board see why my brother, president Ji, has been blocking him.” Chaewon said, and then the screen behind her lit up.

“My father has caused several damages to the company’s name over the past years. Remember the time when he harassed a waiter at a restaurant on Garusogil? And he used the company’s name to threaten him?”

“Ji Chaewon!” Her father hissed, he was about to stand but Chaewon just grinned at him.

“Another, when his mistress threw a fit of rage at a mall and slapped a sales associate, she used the company’s name to threaten the mall manager as well. This was on the news.”

The directors were all glancing at each other, some of them were even tying to pull away from where mister Ji and the woman were sitting.

“Then, tell me, is this man still qualified to be here? Despite all the damage he’s done and he can still do?”

“Chaewon, stop this.” His father stood up and walked to her, he grabbed her arm and started to pull the girl away and then a video clip started to play on the screen.

Chaewon shook the male away as he stared at the screen in shock. There it was, out in the open, playing for the board to see.

A CCTV footage of the Ji patriarch taking out one of his guard’s guns and shooting Oh Sehun, not only once, but twice.

“Ah, right. I almost forgot.” Chaewon’s voice turned icy, Changwook grew panicky on his seat. The directors were in shock as well.

“He almost killed the Samsung heir too, so, where does that leave us, directors?”

Mister Ji grabbed his daughter’s arm again and pulled her with him.

“You do not know what you’re doing!” He yelled at her, Changwook stood up and rushed to them.

“Really? You see, father,” She said in a mocking tone.

“I would have let it all go, you know. All the you’ve been doing, I would have accepted it, since eomma has. But,”

Changwook gently pulled her away from their father.

“Hurting him? Of all people, him? What did he ever do to you?” Chaewon started to laugh.

“Let’s see if you can still cover this up, abeoji.”

Her father remained quiet, Changwook was staring at his sister.

“Chaewon-ah, when did you~”

“Because this time,” Chaewon sidestepped her brother to meet her father’s gaze.

“You’re going against me.” She stated before leaving the hall.



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