“It’s been confirmed, sir.”

Sehun paused from the backseat of the car, he was with his secretary on their way to the office.

“Like you guessed, it was miss Ko behind those photos and the rumors as well.”

Sehun shook his head and leaned back on his seat.

“And, we noticed something strange when you asked us….check on vice president Ji yesertday, sir.”

Sehun had been trying to reach Chaewon for four days now, she wouldn’t reply to his texts or pick up his calls. She has been sending her secretary or as JBG representative to all her meetings. And that bothered him, after their last conversation, Chaewon had simply left him without saying anything. He chewed on his lower lip before nodding for the secretary to speak.

“A man was following her,”

Sehun grew alarmed, he leaned forward.


“Our people took him, he was carrying a camera with him. It was filled with photos of the vice president.”

The secretary handed him prints of the said photos and Sehun sighed, some of the photos contained him and Chaewon together and some were of her and Joohyuk.

“He’s been stalking her.” Sehun stated, he tossed the photos away.

“We got a confession from him, sir. And, it might complicate things.” The male said carefully, trying to choose the best words.

“What is it?” Sehun loosened his tie, agitated.

“Miss Ko Hyejin was the one who sent him, that’s why she has photos of you and~”

“Turn the car.” Sehun cut, the driver glanced at the secretary briefly, stunned at the young executive’s tone.

“Vice chairman, the meeting~”

“It can wait. Turn the car. Now.”



Chaewon leaned back on her seat, her eyes went to her phone and she shook her head. It had been ringing and vibrating endlessly for days now.

She knew she was being a coward, hiding from Sehun, avoiding all contact with him, it was wrong. This wasn’t like her.

She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes.

But, Sehun complicated a lot of things for her. She did mentally label him as just a friend, despite knowing the fact they can never her just friends.

How can she face him now?

After all the years of being mad with him, cursing him and hating him, she still didn’t get over him. She knew that.

How do you get over Oh Sehun?

No, she had to admit that Sehun will always have a hold on her. Despite everything that happened, no matter how ed up things turned out, he will always be part of her life.

But something didn’t feel right.

“Why am I like this?” Chaewon whined to herself, and then she froze when there was a knock on the door. Her secretary walked in, there was a look on his face that made Chaewon blink.

“Is everything alright?”

“Ma’am, you asked me to look into vice chairman Oh’s medical records.”

She nodded back and the male placed a folder on her table.

“Something felt off when I checked the records, so I kept on checking the dates, the timelines and…I found…these.” He took out two X-ray prints from the folder. Chaewon froze as she realized what was being presented before her, her fingers curled on her lap.

“The same day of the accident, vice chairman Oh was shot twice, one on his leg, the other~”

“His chest?” She breathed, the male looked at her nodded.

“He was sent to another hospital for operation. I can~”

“Have the car prepared, we leave in five minutes.”



Hyejin rushed out of her office as soon as she heard from her secretary, Samsung was trying to acquire Ko Motor Group and their stockholders were selling fast.

She made her way towards the elevator, but as soon as the doors slid open she was greeted by a familiar face.


Sehun met her gaze evenly as he stepped out of the machine, Hyejin backed up and looked at him.

“What brings you here?”

“I’m here to look around my recent purchase.” Sehun replied, Hyejin’s secretary was stunned at his words.

“Sehun-ah, what’s going on?” Hyejin asked as she jogged after the male and his two bodyguards.

“It’s a hostile acquisition, ma’am.” Hyejin’s secretary whispered to her, Sehun’s lips quirked up as he turned to face the girl.

“It seemed to me that you wanted to play dirty, so I’m doing the same. How is it?” He told her, Hyejin froze.

“What do you mean? Stop this, my father will~”

“You father will come to know what you did, and I’m sure he will be very disappointed in you.”


“I never promised you anything, but how could you attack Chaewon like this? Even revealing my past with her, calling her names and, what was the term you asked the reporter to call her? A homewrecker? There wasn’t a home to wreck in the beginning, so,”

Sehun ed his coat and walked towards her.

“What is it that you want?”

“You two lied to me. Our parents arranged us to be together and yet you openly paraded her everywhere, do you know how that made me look like?”

“We weren’t engaged, Hyejin.”

“But people were already talking about us, and it’s only right that Chaewon gets a taste~”

“If you cross her,” Sehun started, his secretary gave him a small nod, telling him that Ko Motor Group was finally under Samsung.

“Then you cross me.” He finished before moving away from her.



Chaewon slid down from the car and looked at the hospital’s façade before her, she exhaled before putting the cap on.

“Vice president,”

Her secretary walked with her towards the steps, she could feel her fingers shaking. She knew that Sehun disappeared after the accident, it wasn’t just the plain hiding from the media move, but he completely went off the grid.

And it scared her.

She had a bad feeling about why he was shot.

The timing was so odd, Sehun being shot after the accident. Him disappearing for a year, and now he wouldn’t even take a sip of wine.

They got in the lobby and his secretary’s phone started to ring, he answered it and he paused.


“I’m not~”

“It’s director Kim. He says its urgent.”

“Kai?” Chaewon mumbled, she let out a sigh before taking the phone from the male.

“Kai, I’m busy, so~”

“Have you heard? Where are you?” Kai demanded, Chaewon paused.

“What do you mean? I’m at work.” Chaewon stepped away from her secretary, he was checking something on his tablet device.

“Sehun’s on a rampage, Chaewon. Try talking some sense into him, please.”


Chaewon paused when her secretary turned the screen towards her, she balked.

“He just bought Ko Motor Group and their three subsidiaries! At this rate, he will put the Kos on the streets.”



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