Chaewon checked her reflection on the mirror, she was wearing a nice floral printed dress that showed a lot of leg. She heard someone whisper high and low, she turned her head to her laptop. Hyebin was grinning at her.

“You look like a goddess!” She cooed over.

“Unnie, please.” She rolled her eyes as she picked up her heels.

“I know how you hate outdoor parties, but you’ve been living in LA for years now, how could you still hate the beach?”

Chaewon shook her head and she put her shoes on.

“I just don’t think it’s proper for me to be introduced at the beach. It’s too casual and I still lack sleep.” She pointed out as she fixed her hair.

“I don’t think it’s that bad,” Hyebin hummed.

“My hair tends to curl up to due to salty air.” Chaewon muttered as she stood up again and grabbed her purse.

“You’ll have, Chae. I’m sure they’ll welcome you warmly.”

“They have to; they have no choice.”

The two women laughed.

“Have fun later, Chae. You know your brother’s over the moon that you’re back.”

Chaewon smiled to herself before ending the call.

Sure, I’m over the moon myself. I’d rather be at the moon.



Sehun smiled as Hyejin stepped out of the elevator. He was dressed in a light colored suit, and Hyejin seemed to have matched outfits with him.

“Let’s go?” Hyejin spoke as she reached him, Sehun nodded and offered his arm to her.

“Did you rest well?” She asked him.

“I did, I haven’t been here in a while, so I took some time to drive around.” Sehun replied as they headed for the outdoor area.

“Jeju is perfect around this time of the year, not too cold and not too warm.” Hyejin said.

“Yeah.” Sehun replied, his eyes went to the beach and he bit on his lower lip.

“Just having the feel of the fresh breeze around you is very refreshing, right?” She nudged him, Sehun nodded back.

“Most women would not like the salty air to touch their hair.” Sehun said lightly, Hyejin chuckled.

“I’m fine with that.”

Sehun was about to reply when he noticed a familiar male stepped out from the lobby, he paused. Changwook was accompanied by his secretary and some staff as they walked towards the podium, they were discussing something as the executive was shown some documents.

Sehun let out a shaky breath and ed his coat.

I would probably never see you in this setting.

And then the older male looked up, their gazes met. Changwook’s eyes widened briefly, but he gave Sehun a nod.

Sehun nodded back and turned away.



Chaewon arrived at the lobby, she paused as she noticed her brother’s bodyguards. She shook her head and looked around. She found her brother talking with his secretary.

“Good, you’re finally here.”

Chaewon nodded at him, unamused.

She was then introduced to some of the main staff, Changwook told them that Chaewon would be taking over for some branches. The girl thanked them for welcoming her and she was ushered towards the doors.

“I thought you wanted me at the office.” Chaewon argued under her breath as they walked.

“Some branches need help.” Changwook frowned at her, she sighed at him.

“And you’re good at reigning people in, Chae. You’re the person for the job.” He chuckled and hooked her arm with his. Chaewon noticed how her brother paused briefly as he looked at the guests outside.

“Why? Is something wrong?” Chaewon followed his gaze, he shook his head at her.

“It’s nothing, come on.” He tugged for her to move forward. Chaewon followed her brother, the emcee was still talking about the newly opened hotel as they stepped out. She mentally sighed as the sea breeze hit her.

“And,” The male emcee spoke as soon as they appeared by the covered area.

“We would like to announce with excitement that our vice president has finally decided to join us back here.”

Chaewon puffed her cheeks.

“Vice president Ji Chaewon will be taking over from now on, please welcome her with us.”



Sehun was on the phone when he heard the emcee continue speaking.

“You don’t have to do that. I’ll meet with director Kang myself.” He spoke.

“We would like to announce with excitement that our vice president has finally decided to join us back here.”

“Then, I’ll arrange a meeting for next week, sir.”

“Yes, do that, and~”

“Vice president Ji Chaewon will be taking over from now on, please welcome her with us.”

Sehun’s phone almost slipped from his fingers, he turned his head and his entire body froze.

“Chaewon.” He blurted out, he watched as his ex-girlfriend stepped up the stage, she had a small polite smile on her face as she addressed the crowd.

Sehun walked back to his seat, his eyes still on her. He put his phone back in his coat pocket and let out a shaky breath.

“Good afternoon everyone, I’m Ji Chaewon.” She spoke.

“Thank you for welcoming me and for joining us as we add another hotel to our name.” Chaewon continued.

Sehun could only stare at her as she talked again, he felt his inside tighten up at the sight of her.

It’s you. Why are you here?

Why would you want to be here?

And then her speech ended, Chaewon excused herself and stepped down from the stage. Sehun decided to quietly step out of the party. He picked up his coat from his seat, he was about to leave when Hyejin suddenly called out.




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