She was the perfect daughter, sweet, calm and just the right amount of sarcasm.

As the youngest child and the only daughter, she was always reminded to be careful and mindful of others.

She lived like that, following rules without asking questions.

And then she met him.



He had no interest in anything, his family’s wealth, reputation or whatever.

As the only son, he was spoiled and whatever he wanted, he got it.

He lived like that, a little bit of reckless and a whole lot of disinterest.

And then he met her.


Poster by: skyheart


People say, opposites attract.

And that seemed to be the case for them.

She was just so dainty, like a flower.

He was everything she'd never imagined ending up with.



“Will you go out with me?”

“You look like danger.”

“I’m probably bad for you.”

“Why not take a chance? Do I seem not worth the risk?”



But, she was falling for him.

And he'd already decided on her. 

Just her.

And no one else.

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