Changwook looked up as his sister strolled in the room, the rest of the board stood up to greet her.

“I’m sorry for being late, the meeting with Sakura Group took longer than expected.” She said apologetically before taking her seat, she looked at the huge glass bowl before them. There were two paper scrolls inside, both were tied with a flamboyant red bow. Chaewon eyed her brother warily, the latter grinned back at her.

“Shall we start?” Director Moon asked, Changwook stood up and straightened his coat.

“We shall, I still have to be in Jeju this evening.” Changwook said, Chaewon stood up and followed her brother to the center of the room. 

“These are the two major current projects for this year.” Changwook announced, his sister peered over the glass and pursed her lips.

“Now that we’re doing it, it does seem childish.” She murmured, Changwook chuckled and gestured for her to go first.

“No, chairman you go first.” Chaewon spoke, the older male nodded and dipped his hand into the bowl.

He took one of the scrolls and nodded for Chaewon to go next, the girl picked up the remaining scroll and unlaced the ribbon.

“What did you get, chairman?” Director Lee asked with a small smile.

“Sk Telcom.” Changwook read, he turned to his sibling and he had to hide his smile as he saw how her eyes doubled in size.

“I’m assuming you got the Samsung project, vice chairman?”

Chaewon swallowed before looking up, regaining her composure.

“Yes, Samsung.” She murmured, her fingers curled around the paper before setting it down.

Chaewon went back to her seat and crossed her arms.



Sehun pursed his lips as he looked at the files before him.

“It..It must have slipped your mind, sir.” 

Sehun glanced at his secretary briefly and exhaled.

“You said JGH, not JBG.” Sehun loosened his tie, the male before him nodded.

“Yes, well, we didn’t foresee that vice chairman Ji would be coming back to Korea to take over as well. So, the project has been handed to their sister company, JBG.”

Sure, JBG. The one Chaewon’s handling.

Sehun sighed and pushed the files away from him.

“Of course, JBG is the one handling all their international branches.” Sehun leaned back on his seat. His secretary nodded back at him.

“Has a meeting been set?”

“Yes, in two days. We will be meeting vice chairman Ji at her office.”

Sehun winced and could only nod back.

“Would you want to reschedule?”

“No, no. It’s fine. Can you call Hyejin’s office for me? Tell her I wont be able to make it to lunch.”

“Yes, sir.”

The male stepped out of the room, Sehun stood up from his seat and loosened his tie.

He was going to be working with Chaewon. He knew about the proposed project with JGH had been approved and green-lighted. But he had had assumed that he’d be working with Changwook. That’s why it didn’t bother him that much.

 His forehead creased and he ran his fingers through his hair.

“This will be difficult. She hates me.”



Changwook winced as he followed his sibling into her office, he was about to take a sat when she suddenly faced him.

“You know, a heads up would have been nice.” She said in a soft voice, which kind of frightened him more.

“What? About the random draw? We discussed it, did we not?” Changwook sat down, Chaewon exhaled and set the folder down on her desk.

“No, you never told me which companies we were working with.”

“Well, did you ask?”

Chaewon shut and crossed her arms, Changwook glanced at her before continuing to speak.

“You said this was just work, so I assumed it wouldn’t bother you. We do business with the Ohs, you know that.”

Chaewon nodded back, she sat down on her chair and opened her laptop.

“Well, I can take it off your hands if it really does bother you. But the board may ask questions.” He offered, hiding his coy smile.

“It’s fine. I’ll take care of it.”

Changwook blew her a kiss, she flinched and eyed him warily.

“You can go now, oppa.”

“Okay, ouch.” He mused before walking out of her office, he exhaled as he shut the doors behind him.

“Well, nobody died...yet.” He whispered to himself before heading towards his office.



Chaewon’s eyes roamed around her surroundings as she moved forward, her heels made pleasant tick tacking sounds on the marbled floor as the higher ranking staff of their Cheongdam branch.

“Tourists?” From where? Chaewon asked as she moved forward, her tone was cool and businesslike. And that kept the staff behind her all on their toes.

“Japan and China. Also~”

“Also, I noticed that the second floor ballroom is being renovated.” Chaewon spoke without looking at the manager, he nodded.

“You started March last year.” She said, she shut the folder close and her left brow arched up.

“Y—Yes, vice chairman.”

“And what month is it now?” She turned her head, her secretary stopped and took the folder from her. The manager grew tensed under her cold gaze.

“The renovation only involves the ceiling and the replacement of the old chandeliers, surely, that would not take a year. Unless you were planning to retile the whole floor?”

The group quiet in a matter of seconds, Chaewon exhaled.

But, vice chairman, these things tend to take more time since we~”

“Admit it, you’re always out of your office and not overseeing everything here as you should. Isn’t that right?” She asked him, the others glanced at the manager worriedly.

“You seem to believe in this kind of remote control management, but I don’t tolerate that.”

“It’s not like that, it’s~”

“I’m not asking for an explanation why this was delayed up to a year, I want you to switch contactors and have them report straight to me.”

The manager nodded meekly, Chaewon exhaled turning away from the male. She closed her eyes briefly before moving forward. She hated it when things weren’t done on time and in a very efficient manner.

Scratch that, she was never the patient type.

She was about to head straight for the lobby when she noticed two familiar faces step in through the revolving doors.

She froze up for a few seconds, she turned to her secretary.

“Have the car prepar~”

“Chaewon-ah!” Hyejin called for her, she turned her head to face the girl.

“Unnie, hi.” She replied, Sehun was standing right beside the girl. His eyes were on her as Chaewon spoke with Hyejin.

“Are you here for lunch?” Chaewon asked, wanting to step back.

“Yes, Sehun and I are here for lunch. Why don’t you join us?”



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