Happy Without Me


"This isn't fair. Please don't do this to me. To us."

"I should really want the best for you. But, you deserve the truth."



"What if it doesn't work? What if I lose you?"

"You could never lose me, even if you try. You won't."


He was family to her, and her to him.

They were so in tuned with each other, that their "compatibility" was already a running joke to people who know them.

It was always just Shownu and Soojin. Hyunwoo and Soo.

And it was like that for their whole lives, two best friends who understood each other a lot.

Even their families had told them not to become a couple, it would be too much of a risk.

And that was okay, everything was fine.




Until changes happen.

Changes that drove him mad.

Changes that made her pull away.




"I can't stand seeing you happy without me."



hi! give me two months(max) and then i will be able to start uploading this as regularly as i can :>


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princessswan #1
Chapter 26: Jisoo is seriously so annoying & insecure lol, I'm glad Seri is standing up for her friend here. Currently very unimpressed with Hyunwoo.. he needs to get his priorities straightened out. I really miss our handsome doctor Ian, hope he shows up soon! He's my favorite. <3
Chapter 26: Jisoo, shut your trap
KimHyeJoo #3
Chapter 26: Seri the kind girl is snapping!!! Chaerin would be so proud🤭🤭🤭
SummerLuv #4
Chapter 26: Ooooh fierce Seri putting Jisoo in her place, but why can't she see how bad Bohyun is 😂 Jisoo's still trying to play with fire tho there are so many warnings, seriously... She's the newcomer and she dares to say soojin hasn't been around for long???
rukehna #5
Chapter 26: I hope he loss her. Just my opinion.
zangsia1 #6
Chapter 26: Ohoh... Jisoo is starting trouble
Chapter 26: Haha ..let's see can he survived without her
Annasaranghaeee #8
Chapter 26: Yeah go seri you go girl
KatTS501 #9
Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Oooh snap! Watch it Jisoo. It’s you that hasn’t been around very long. You are Shownu’s girlfriend but doesn’t mean you can do what you did
Chapter 26: Aww! I loved the sassy version of Seri!