Someone's Someone




Things have always worked well for them.

They were like two peas in a pod.

They come like a set, so similar yet different.



People never teased them to be together.

Their friendship never gave off that vibe.

Well, not until that.








"I'm not willing to gamble this. I'm not willing to gamble what we have."

"Am I just a game to you?"

"I can't lose you, don't choose him."

"What if it won't work? Then, I'd lose you, and I can't have that happen to us."








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KimHyeJoo #1
Chapter 10: That friend will chop your head if you do something bad
Chapter 10: What is yeol even doinggggg
zangsia1 #3
Chapter 10: What is it really Yeol? Whatdo you feel for Jaehee?
Hyungwon please protect her.
Chapter 10: Chanyeollie? You’re playing two faced?
KatTS501 #5
Chapter 10: Don’t even try to make Hyungwon angry, Chanyeol. It won’t end well
SummerLuv #6
Chapter 10: Lol if chaneyol ever thought about hyungwon's bad side, why would he still try to bad mouth jaehee? 😂
waee09 #7
Chapter 9: Yasss Hyungwoon, you tell her!
zangsia1 #8
Chapter 9: Chanyeol you are losing her
But Hungwoon will do everything for Jaehee
KimHyeJoo #9
Chapter 9: I’m glad Hyungwoon make the line clear xD
Chapter 9: Sorry yeollie not this time