Sehun stepped out of the conference and gently loosened his tie, he didn’t expect that he’d be stuck inside for almost two hours.

He was about to step in the elevator when his phone started to ring, he took out the device from his coat pocket and paused when he saw Changwook’s name on the screen.

“Hyung, hello.” Sehun spoke as he got in the elevator, his secretary followed and he took out his phone to check the news.

“You..have you heard from Chaewon?”

Sehun shook his head before replying.

“No, not yet. Why?” Sehun asked, he noticed how his secretary was scratching the back of his head.

“Sehun-ah, can you call me as soon as she contacts you? Or, if you see her, tell me.”

“Sure, but, hyung, is something wrong? Is she okay?” Sehun asked, his secretary showed the article he was reading to him, and the young executive’s eyes doubled in size.

“S—Something happened at work, she got really angry.”

Sehun didn’t reply, he was staring at the words before him. It had just been released to the public, the the current vice president of JBG has terminated her father’s relationship with the company due to his public indiscretions.

“Ah, I see. I’ll try calling her, hyung. Don’t worry.” Sehun said.

“Thanks, Sehun-ah.”

Sehun put his phone away and pored over the words before him.

“She…fired her father, sir.”

“Wait, she…” Sehun paused, the article also reported that the company would be suing his father, and there was even a possibility of his assets being reabsorbed and taken away from him.

“Chaewon,” Sehun murmured, the doors pinged open and he made his way to his office.



Chaewon looked around as she stepped out of the jet’s door, it had been a while since she visited Jeju island.

Well, she never had the time to.

Her secretary went down ahead of her just as a black BMW sedan pulled over infront of them. Chaewon stepped down from the steps, it was already getting a little dark and she needed some time to rest before getting on with her plan.

She got inside the vehicle and took out her phone, she looked at the screen and checked all the calls she had silenced. She paused when she came across Sehun’s name, the girl shook her head before putting her phone away.

“Where to, vice president?”

“To the hotel, I’ll call them myself tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about that.” She spoke, her secretary simply nodded and the car started to move forward.

“How’s the news?” She asked, the male glanced at her.

“Word is already spreading around about what happened at the company, ma’am. But, no mention about the vice chairman Oh.”

“Good. And the legal team?” Chaewon leaned back on her seat and closed her eyes, she pinched the bridge of her nose.

“As we speak, they are already working on it, and, your mother’s case against yoru father has been forwarded an hour ago.”

“Okay, keep me posted.”

“But, ma’am,”

Chaewon opened her eyes and looked at the male.

“Are you alright? You might face backlash over this if things get out of control.” He said softly, genuinely worried for the girl.

“Just make sure the video isn’t leaked, I…have to talkt to him about that. I just….” She let out a shaky breath, the driver glanced at the girl worriedly.

“I need time to…come up with what to say.”



“Where is she?” Hyebin was frowning as she leaned over the counter.

“I can’t trace her, I called everyone. Her secretary…I think he’s been ordered not to pick up calls too.” Changwook sighed, Kai walked in the living room and looked around.

“Noona, I came as soon as I got your call. How is it? Did you find her?”

“No. No word from her yet.”

“Hyung, what happened? People are going crazy now, how did the board come up with that decision so fast? Did Chaewon and mister Ji fight again?” Kai asked as he took a seat, Changwook exhaled and nodded.

“The night before, abeoji came here. He demanded that he be given back his position, and then, to my surprise, Chaewon agreed.”

Kai almost dropped his phone.

“So, why did she do that?” Hyebin was stunned.

“It was a trap. She wanted to embarrass him in front of everyone.” Changwook murmured, he put his phone on the counter.

“A trap? Why?” Kai asked, he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Chaewon knows.”

The room grew silent, Hyebin walked around the couch and to her husband.

“What do you mean? What does she know?”

“About what really happened to Sehun. She knows everything now.”

“That explains why your father is being…hunted right now.” Kai swallowed, Hyebin frowned.

“And what’s happening now, is all the fruits of her anger.” Changwook looked at the TV again, as a photo of their father’s mistress flashed on the screen.

She had just been arrested for illegal gambling and harassment.

“And if no one gets to her, and talks her out of this,” Changwook lowered the volume of the TV, Hyebin sat down, stunned.

“Its just going to get worse. I doubt any firm would represent my father now.”



“Still nothing?” Sehun looked up from his desk, his assistant nodded back.

“Even her family can’t reach her, sir.”

Sehun exhaled and took of his tie, he ed the the first two buttons of his shirt.

“Her last whereabouts?”

“She was last scene leaving the company earlier, but it seems that the vice president switched cars somewhere along the way and took her secretary with her.”

“She’s safe and she’s not alone.” Sehun murmured, trying to reassure himself.

The assistant politely left the room, Sehun was about to take his phone when the doors opened again. He glanced up and paused when the tall male walked in the room.

“Sorry for coming unanounced.” Joohyuk raised his palms as he approached him, Sehun paused, his forehead creasing.

“You don’t know where she is.” Sehun stated, Joohyuk shrugged and took a seat across the male.

“Actually, I do.”

Sehun’s jaw clenched and unclenched.

“Then, what are you doing here?” His tone came out harsh and cold, Joohyuk smiled and leaned back.

“I came here to tell you the truth. But I need you to listen.” He told him, Sehun nodded back at him, impatient.

“We never got together, Chaewon and I.”

Sehun blinked at him, he crossed his arms.

“I mean, sure, I kissed her, she kissed me. But, it was all an act. Chaewon and I met during rehab at the hospital. I got in an accident and had to fix my knees, while…well, we both know why she needed rehab.”

“What are you trying~”

“I asked for her help because I didn’t want my mother to keep on pairing me with girls, and, I had a crazy ex. She was stalking me and I couldn’t handle it. So, I asked Chaewon to help me out, and strangely, she did.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” Sehun asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Because, even though you wont admit it. I know I am the only one holding you back, you won’t make a move on her because you think we’re together.”

Sehun met his gaze evenly.

“You’re a good man, Oh Sehun. That’s not hard to see.”

“So, where is she?”

“And I think you’re the only one who can talk her out of this before her father goes crazy and does something worse.”

“Once she’s set her mind to something, she wont stop, Joohyuk. We both know that.” Sehun explained, but the male shook his head at him.

“She listens to you, Oh Sehun. And right now, she needs you.” Joohyuk as he placed a business card on the table, Sehun leaned forward and read it.

“Jeju?” Sehun was confused, Chaewon was never a fan of the island.

“She’s checked in under my name.” Joohyuk said as he stood up, Sehun picked up his phone and jacket.

“Please, talk to her. Because at this rate, she might lose herself.”




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Aww they are too cute!! This was such a great read!! Thank you for doing your best!!

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