“Look, I just wanted to thank you for this ridiculously expensive and totally unnecessary gift, I wasn’t planning on riding with you to the site.” Chaewon pointed out as Sehun leaned back on the seat.

“But breakfast was nice, thanks..again.” She mumbled.

“Talk to Hwan yet?” He asked her, Chaewon sighed.

“I did, he’s pretty bummed about how we lied to him, but he’s amazed.”

“Amazed?” Sehun repeated, he glanced at her before stepping on the gas.

“That I had time to date around back then.” She chuckled, Sehun smiled to himself.

“Will the KS boss be there again?”

“Kyungsoo hyung? I think he will be. Groundbreaking’s next week, so, we’re on a tight schedule.” Sehun told her, Chaewon yawned, she felt her phone vibrate in her purse and she ignored it.

“So, Joohyuk’s..okay with us driving alone?” Sehun carefully asked, the girl beside him blinked before nodding back.

“He…He doesn’t really mind. Besides, he’s visiting his family’s company today. Busy day for him.” She explained, her eyes went to the greenery they drove past by.


“Hmm?” She hummed back, not turning her head.

“Are…you free this weekend?”

“This weekend? Why?” She glanced at him, Sehun nodded back.

“Can I invite you to our launch party?”

“Since when did you ask me those things? Your office would just send invitations.” She mused at him, but Sehun didn’t reply, he chewed on his lower lip.

“I’ll be there, don’t worry. I hope your parents won’t shoo me away.” She joked before taking out her phone to check her messages, Sehun nodded back, relieved.

“My parents would never, J.Won.” He winked at her, she shuddered at him.

“Don’t call me that.”

“Why? Because I’m not Joohyuk?”

Chaewon shook her head before stretching her arms forward.

“It isn’t you, Oh Sehun. Just call me as you normally do.”



“You should not be letting your sister~”

“Abeoji, what do you really want?” Changwook asked flatly, the elder had forced his way in to their house. Changwook didn’t want to Hwan to witness how his grandfather was, so he let him in, with the condition that they only talk in the study.

“Do you remember what happen? It’s because his families have enemies! That’s why that truck was supposed to hit him not Chaewon.”

“You are the only one who keeps on claiming that, even the police found nothing. The driver was overspeeding and he lost control.” Changwook said, his father deflated and looked away.

“I can’t let you back in the company, the board is against it.”

“I am your father, without me, you wouldn’t~”

“Yes, I wouldn’t be here. But what you did, I can never forgive you. Cheating on mom, then blaming Chaewon because you got caught? Are you even thinking straight, abeoji?” Changwook was losing his patience.

“You didn’t even give Sehun a chance back then, he’s a good man. He was good for Chaewon.”

“Good? Sure, look what happened now.” The elder retorted.

“We know what you really did. You shot him. As if threatening him wasn’t enough, you had to physically hurt him too. You’re lucky the Ohs didn’t sue. You’re lucky Sehun respected you enough.”

The male froze, his fists curled tightly.

“He respected you enough that he doesn’t want to turn your own daughter against you after all you’ve done to him.”

“Changwook, I~”

“So, stop this, abeoji. Because once Chaewon finds out all this, and trust me, I want her to find out, she will come after you. And we both know what she’s capable of.”

“He’s no good for her.” The elder said darkly.

“And you bring no good to us. So, please, show yourself out.”



“Ah, you’re at the site?” Hyejin said as she wedged the phone between her ear and shoulder.

“Did you drive yourself? It’s quite far.” She added as she stood up, her secretary walked in the office.

“Okay, send my regards to Chaewon.” She said before putting her phone down, her friend, Nayoung looked up and smiled.

“He’s with her again?”

“Of course.” Hyejin rolled her eyes, the secretary laid some photos on her table.

“I found these.”

Hyejin walked towards the table and looked at the photos, her brows rose as she examined old photographs of Sehun and Chaewon, some were taken with their friends. Even Kai was in the picture too.

“I warned you about her. She isn’t penned as a spoiled brat for nothing.” Nayoung hummed as she picked up one of the photos, and then Hyejin’s phone pinged.

She opened the email and paused, she exhaled before handing the phone to her friend for her to see.

“Apparently,they also meet before working hours.” She said flatly, Nayoung looked at the photo of Chaewon standing before a topless Sehun by a swimming pool.

“Whoa, she really must be desperate to win him back.” Nayoung said jokingly before putting the phone down.

Hyejin turned to her secretary and smiled to herself.

“Call reporter Ahn for me.”



Kai grimaced as Sehun took another sip of his club soda.


“Are you going to give me the Hyejin talk again? Is that why you asked me out here?” Sehun said dryly as he twirled his glass around.


“Then what is it?”

“I can see it. You want to get her back. Your Chaewon. You've decided on it.” Kai stated, that made Sehun pause and he sighed.

“But you don’t know how to do that because, well, Nam Joohyuk.” Kai pointed, Sehun ignored him and asked for a fruit platter.

“I know she’s not serious with him. I can see that.” Sehun said, Kai smiled to himself. Of course, Sehun could sense that, but he doesn’t know what’s really going on.

“And, you think it’s right that you’re trying to woo her back when she has a boyfriend?” Kai questioned.

“I know it’s wrong. But I want her to choose me. I need her to choose me.” Sehun spoke, he set his glass down.

“I have to talk to my parents about this, there’s a party this weekend. I asked Chaewon to come.”

“So, you’re really doing this? Good for you.” Kai said carefully, his brows going up.

“I can’t continue lying to Hyejin. She should know the truth. About Chaewon and I.” Sehun said softly, his fingers curled around the glass.

“If the Kos hear about this, they’ll be offended. Your being..paired with their daughter has been publicized, you know. People will talk.”

“I promised them nothing.” Sehun pointed out, Kai nodded back.

“I know that, but they might..receive this badly. What if they try to hurt Chaewon? What~”

“If they cross her, then they cross me.”



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Aww they are too cute!! This was such a great read!! Thank you for doing your best!!

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