The silver Maserati pulled over in front of the wired gates loudly, the irate driver honked again before sliding the car.

Two security personnel appeared and crossed their arms as the young lady walked towards them.

“Why aren’t you opening the gates?” Chaewon spoke, keeping her tone polite.

One of the males snorted and elbowed his colleague, Chaewon’s left brow went up.

“Can’t you see the sign? This is private property. There’s a super important project being planned inside.” He said in a mocking tone.

“So, why don’t you, young lady, give it up and just leave?”

“That’s it? You’re not going to ask why I’m here or why I want to go inside?” Chaewon asked, she heard a soft rumbling behind her and she chose to ignore it.

“What would a lady do at a construction site? Serve food?” The other male said while wiggling his brows at her.

“Wow, such fine specimens of ist pigs.” She said in a sweet tone as she took her phone out of her jean pocket.

“What did you say?” A masculine voice came from behind her, Chaewon turned and her eyes widened. Sehun was standing right behind her that her nose almost touched the zipper of his leather jacket.

“V—Vice chairman,” The two males scrambled to the gates to unlock them.

“Stop.” Sehun spoke again, his brows knitted together.

“What did you suggest to the vice president of Ji Group of Companies do? Serve food?” Sehun quoted, the males’ eyes doubled in size and they looked at Chaewon.

The doors suddenly opened and the staff from the inside were stunned to see the two.

“Vice president Ji, we’re sorry, the people from the inside thought it was a trespasser!” They apologized, Sehun exhaled, he tossed his helmet to one of his staff.

“Sir,” The two security personnel bowed as he passed by.

“Not to me.” Sehun glanced at them, Chaewon chucked her car keys towards the two.

“We’ll park it right away, young miss.”

“Did I ask you to park it?” Chaewon chuckled, Sehun’s brows rose.

“We’re sorry, young miss. We weren’t informed you would be coming.”

“So, if were another lady, you wouldn’t apologize, right?” Sehun spoke, his secretary panicked at his tone.

“I—It’s not like that, sir.” The stammered, Chaewon shook her head.

“Wash it. And, don’t use a water hose.” She suggested as she walked towards the gate.


“I like it old school, grab some pails and wash cloths.”

The two males looked away as the girl joined the group, then she turned to one of the on-site managers.

“Make sure they don’t have the nearest access to water, have them park at the end of the property.” She stated before moving ahead of them, Sehun buried his hands in his pockets and jogged towards her.

“Vice president Ji,”

Chaewon paused and turned to him.

“I told them that you’d be coming today. I didn’t expect that the guards~”

“It’s fine. You’ve done enough.” Chaewon replied, Sehun’s forehead creased briefly and she caught that.

“I mean it, Oh Sehun. It’s fine.” She said with a small smile, Sehun’s shoulders loosened and he nodded back.

“After you.” He said as they reached the stairs.

“That was just plain wholesome chivalry, don’t take it the wrong way.” He muttered, Chaewon chuckled softly and went up.



“Ah, really?” Hwan asked, Joohyuk and Kai, the two devils nodded back at him.

“So, my auntie and uncle Sehun really did know each other? So, who forgot who?” He blinked at the two, still a little confused.

“Maybe it’s because they haven’t seen each other for a long time, Hwan-ah. Sometimes, adults tend to…get bad memory as they age.” Joohyuk said softly, Hwan pouted but gave him a little nod.

“Weird, huh? But both of us are worried that they really might never remember each other, that’s why need your help.” Kai said in a soft manner, Joohyuk pursed his lips and turned to him.

“We’re going to hell for this.” Joohyuk muttered under his breath.

“We’re doing a good deed. We wont.” Kai shot back before facing his nephew.

“Well, are you in, Hwan?”

“What do you plan to do, uncle?” Hwan took another sip of his chocolate shake. Joohyuk started to smile.

“I want you to try making them less awkward, young man.” Joohyuk started and he leaned forward.

“Your mother mentioned about this small party for your aunt this weekend, right?”

“Yes, appa said it’s going to involve the pool at the backyard too.” Hwan seemed excited.

“Uncle Sehun will be coming too. How about you ask him to play with you?”

Hwan nodded again, he picked up a bunch of potato crisps.

“Then tell him about how you saw the photo of him and your aunt at home.” Kai suggested.

“Can I take the photo too? That will be easier, uncle.”

“Perfect, Hwan. Perfect.”



“How is it?” Sehun spoke, all heads turned to him, but he was waiting for Chaewon to speak.

“The colors for the interior. Doesn’t it bother you?” Her eyes were on the screen.

“The greens and the blues, vice president?” One of the staff spoke, she nodded.

“What do you think?” She glanced at Sehun, her secretary paused briefly.

“I don’t hate it. I don’t love it either.” Sehun said carefully, Chaewon drummed her fingers on the table. She noticed how Sehun’s phone had been vibrating nonstop ever since the meeting began.

And it also didn’t help how he just left it on the table for it vibrate the whole time.

“Can you have the company offer other color schemes? This looks like a bathroom.” She stated, the male nodded back.

“More like a tacky three-star resort.” Sehun murmured, Chaewon eyed him warily before facing forward again.

“Of course, I’ll contact them right away.”

“Good, I’ll have someone send in the documents the you need, I will still to review them before passing it on to Samsung.” Chaewon said as she slowly stood up.

“Then, this ends our meeting. And,” Sehun spoke as the others left their seat. Everyone halted to look at him, waiting for his orders.

“Change the security agency.”

“R—Right away, sir? But, it’s the~”

“Change it. Right away.” Sehun stated before pushing his seat back and leaving the room.



“Hyejin-ssi,” Sehun said as he brought the phone to his ear, his brows were furrowed a little as the girl from the other line spoke.

“Hi, I’ve been trying to reach you.”

“I was at a meeting, I’m sorry. Do you need anything?” Sehun replied as he leaned against the wall.

“Yes, I was hoping you could join me for lunch? There’s this new place I wanna try.” She said in chirpy tone, Sehun lanced to his side just as Chaewon stepped out of the room. She was speaking with her secretary as she moved towards his way.

“Lunch? I’m not so sure, I’m still at the site with vice president Ji.”

“Chaewon? Really? Wow. How’s the project going?”

Sehun flinched and ed the first two buttons of his shirt.

“It’s going well, Hyejin-ssi. About lunch~”

“How about you invite Chaewon with us? Put her on the phone.” Hyejin chuckled, Sehun blinked, he looked up again and Chaewon paused, sensing his gaze on her.

Her brows went up in questioning manner.

“Can..you…talk?” Sehun gestured to his phone, Chaewon walked towards him and looked at the screen.

“Why?” She mouthed at him, Sehun scrunched his nose at her. Chaewon took the phone and brought it to her ear.

“Unnie, hi.” She murmured, Sehun could hear Hyejin’s voice still and he took a few steps away from the girl.

“Oh, lunch?” Chaewon blinked, her eyes went to Sehun. She chewed on her lower lip.

“You already made reservations?” She was stunned, she glanced at her secretary, who nodded back.

“Uhmm, okay. I’ll be there. No, no, it’s fine. It’s just a short drive back to the city. Thanks for inviting me.” Chaewon said before handing the phone back to its owner.

“You know; a heads up would have been nice.”  Chaewon spoke to him.

“Why did you say yes? You don’t even like sushi that much.” Sehun said, his tone casual.

“Like I said, a heads up.” She pointed out in her usual sharp tone, that usually would frighten most people.

“So, see you there?” Sehun was grinning as they went down the steps.

“Does it look like I can back out now?” Chaewon replied, Sehun shook his head at her.

“You know her; she can be…”

“Pushy.” She finished for him, Sehun’s eyes narrowed briefly and he nodded back.

“It still amazes how she can put up with you.” Chaewon commented as her car was brought around, Sehun glanced around them before replying.

“Aren’t you doing the same thing now?” He said jokingly as he opened the car’s door for her.

“Don’t test the waters, Oh Sehun.”

He snorted at her, Chaewon smiled.

“But, she really is pushy, Chaewon. I don’t know how to get out of this.” He said quietly, Chaewon paused, she put her purse in the backseat.

“Do you want to talk about it?” She asked him.

“Are you okay with that?”

“You can drive us back to Seoul and I’ll let you yap about Hyejin.” She offered, Sehun laughed.

“My feet hurt. So, is that good for you?”

“Alright. Back to Seoul we go, J.Won.” He mused at her, Chaewon nodded back and went around the vehicle.

“You’re only offering this because you’re too lazy to drive, huh? And, that you have no other choice but me.”

“More on the latter, but whatever makes you comfortable. I’ll got with it.” She replied as she slid inside the car, Sehun smiled to himself as they both buckled up.

Damn, I really do miss you.



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