Chaewon crossed her legs as she waited for Sehun, he was still in the process of being fitted for his suit. She checked the time on her watch, her brows went up as she realized it was already late in the afternoon.

Did I get work done today?

“Chaewon-ah, how is it?”

She looked up and paused, he was wearing a classic black and white tuxedo, the bow was loosely hanging around his neck and while the first two buttons of his shirt remained ed.

How is it?

It’s like menswear was made for you.

When did you ever look bad in a suit?

The two sales associates politely stepped out of the room, Chaewon stood up and climbed up the podium with him.

“It’s okay.” She said as they faced the mirror, a small smile played on Sehun’s lips.

“But,” She said as she walked around and stood before him, she carefully buttoned him up and started fixing his tie.

“But, what?” Sehun smiled as he placed his palm on the crown of her head, Chaewon didn’t react at his action.

“I think I should just tell Hwan the truth. Everything.” She murmured as she finished the tie, she looked up and paused. She had not realized how close their faces were to each other, but Sehun didn’t budge.

She tried to step back but Sehun wouldn’t let her.

“I never wanted to hide it, Chaewon.”

“I know. I’m sorry.” She murmured, Sehun shook his head and then he took out something from his coat pocket.

Chaewon’s brows rose as she noticed the small red box.

“I realized I never got you a welcome back gift slash a peace offering.” He hummed as he opened the box before her, the girl froze when she saw the pair of Cartier emerald earrings.

“S—Sehun-ah, this is~”

“Take it before I get tempted and buy the matching necklace.” He winked before placing it in her hands.

“This is too much, Oh Sehun.” She told him as Sehun dropped his arm to his side.

And then Sehun leaned in to kiss the side of her head, Chaewon halted.

“Nothing is too much when it comes to you, now, get out so I can change.” He said jokingly before going back inside the fitting room.

Chaewon let out a shaky breath before leaving the room in lightning speed.



Hyejin leaned back on her seat as her secretary stepped in with two males.

“They have been briefed regarding what you want them to do, ma’am.”

She nodded and gestured for everyone to sit down. She took out printed copies from her phone’s camera roll of the two photos she saw in Sehun’s office and handed it to them.

“I’m sure you’re all familiar with the lady on the picture.”

The two men glanced at each other and nodded back.

“We’ve seen her in the news, JGH secret weapon. The black card.” One spoke carefully, her secretary looked on, stunned with the photos.

“I want you to follow her.” Hyejin stated, the two males looked at her before nodding back.

“May we ask the reason why? Do you have anything specific you want to find out on her?”

Her forehead creased before speaking.

“She lied to me. They both lied to me, made me look like a fool in the process too.”

“But, ma’am, isn’t the man your parents have been asking you to meet?” The secretary spoke, Hyejin nodded back.

“I checked SNU’s student homepage, they were popular back then. A campus couple.” She spat before shaking her head.

“They must be having fun laughing at me. Ji Chaewon really is a brat.”

“But, ma’am, this might be backfire on you. Miss Ji is known for~”

“I don’t care. I should have known, Chaewon was acting so strange. I’m guessing she approached me because she wants him back.” She said as she stood up, she picked up her phone and purse.

“I can’t say I’m not impressed.” She said with a smile, the male turned ot her.

“We’ll get to it right away, m’aam.”

“Good.” Hyejin said before leaving the office.




Chaewon paused in midstep, she pushed the front door behind her.

“Oppa?” She replied as she padded to the kitchen, she found her older brother already dressed for bed with a glass of wine before him.

“Have you eaten?” He asked as Chaewon sat down beside him.

“I had late lunch with Sehun earlier, I might make a sandwich before going to bed.” She murmured as she took out a glass and poured herself some wine.

Changwook smiled and nodded.

“But, oppa,” She spoke again before taking a small sip of the alcohol.

“I just noticed this…I don’t kno if you did too, at that party,” Chaewon murmured.

“Noticed what? That your nephew found out your secret?” He said with a teasing grin, but the girl shook her head.

“We were serving champagne and some of our best whiskey, right?”

“We were.” Changwook replied, he stood up and grabbed a bag of chips from the cupboard.

“Sehun didn’t take a glass. I mean, he wasn’t a champagne guy, but he never did say no to expensive whiskey.” She leaned her chin on her hand, her brother paused and turned to her. Changwook chewed the inside of his cheeks before replying.

“Really? What if he just didn’t feel like it? Or he’s trying to cleanse his liver or something.” He suggested, Chaewon snorted.

“I said just a glass, oppa. Not the whole bottle.”

“Well, yes, but~”

“Earlier at lunch too, he was…I don’t know, I was gone for a while and maybe he changed habits or something.” She told him, Changwook could only nod back.

“Are you really that curious?” He tried to throw her off with teasing.

“Not really. It’s just strange, he changed so much, you know. I mean, it’s still the Sehun I know, but..different.” She said openly before taking another sip.

“Well, people change, Chae.”

“I know, oppa.”

“Don’t call him in the middle of the night just to ask him about this, okay?” He chuckled, another attempt at teasing.

I hope you drop this, Chaewon.

I don’t think you will like this.

“Of course, oppa.” Chaewon nodded, she slid down from the chair and made her way towards the stairs. She took out her cellphone as she went up and dialed for her secretary.

“Sorry for calling this late, but I need you to check on something.”



“I’m telling you, you better fix this before things get messy.” Kai said as he took the treadmill beside Sehun, the other male sighed at him.

“I don’t see how I need to fix things with her. I never said yes to our parents’ arrangement.”

“Listen, I know how you’re very black and white with things, but trust me, once Hyejin realizes what’s happening, she might act up.”

“Act up? I’ve always been clear with her, I was being nice because I was asked to be.” Sehun lowered the machine’s speed and glanced at his friend.

“Can’t you see what you’re doing? You’re stringing her along, while trying to get back Chaewon back. I mean, you guys even lied to her.”

Sehun was about to reply when his phone started to ring, he looked at the screen and pressed the red button.

The treadmill stopped and he stepped down.

“Eomma,” He answered and walked away from his friend.

“Will I be seeing you this weekend?”

“This weekend? I know about the party.” Sehun replied, he went to the dressing room and made his way to his assigned locker. He took out his swimming shorts and sat down.

“Yes, that. Your father said you are needed there, it’s a product launching.”

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

“Good, and will you be taking a date? Should I call Hyejin for you?”

Sehun paused, he took off his socks and leaned back.

 “No, I’ll take care of it, eomma.”

“Good, it’s good to hear your voice again. See you.” The elder said before ending the call, Sehun exhaled before changing into his swimwear, he grabbed a robe and headed towards the indoor pool. On his way, he saw Kai chatting with a few colleagues, the male smirked at him before turning away.

Sehun shook his head to himself. Taking Hyejin would be a little too much. Being with her at a Samsung event would send messages he doesn’t want to be sent.

He shook off his robe and discarded his phone, he was about to lean down to feel the water’s temperature when someone called him.

“Oh Sehun,”

He stopped and turned, Chaewon was padding towards him, she looked a little worried, not wanting to slip on the wet floor.

“C—Chaewon-ah,” He was surprised to see her, she grinned at him.

“What brings you here? You could have just called and I would step out to meet you.” He faced her, Chaewon looked at him and shook her head.

“I just came by to say thanks.” She nodded at him, keeping her gaze fixed on his face, but her fists were curled.

“Thanks?” Sehun asked, and then he noticed that she was wearing the earrings he gave her.

“That’s it?”

“Yeah, just that.”

Sehun met her eyes again, but they were fixated elsewhere. She was staring at the scar on his chest, he cleared his throat before holding her arm.

“How about you wait outside? I’m going to get dressed and we can get breakfast.” He said as he led her back to the glass doors.

“Sure, b—be quick, I’m quit hungry.” She warned him before heading out, Sehun mussed her hair before nodding back.

He exhaled and shut the door before him, he made his way back to his things.

Chaewon crossed the hall while dialing on her phone.

“Yes, vice president?”

“Medical records too. I’d like to see them.”

“I understand, ma’am.”




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