Chaewon winced as her brother walked into the room, Sehun grinned at her as he quietly stepped out, giving the siblings some privacy.

“Oppa, I~”

“First, you suddenly disappear on us, not answering calls or returning messages. And now, you begin to assume you’re one of the best bikers in the world? Or, do you plan to switch careers now? A stuntwoman, perhaps?”

Chaewon pursed her lips and just tugged the blanket closer to her.

“And somehow, you think the Ohs’ villa is a hospital?”

“Oppa, I…I needed to talk to them. Sehun’s parents.” She spoke, Changwook paused, his brows met briefly.


“I know that everybody’s…been made aware of what really happened, what our father did to their family.” Chaewon stated, her voice clear, she tried to sit up.

Her face crumpled in pain and her brother sighed before gently pushing her back down on the bed.


“I know, I know. I….was…I wont say that I went overboard, oppa. He deserved it, he was causing way too much problems for us. Scratch that, he’s been causing us problems ever since.”

Changwook nodded and sat down across her, Chaewon faced the windows before speaking again.

“The board has decided to take your side, abeoji’s accounts have been frozen.”

She exhaled and nodded.

“I just can’t believe that he would do that, oppa. I knew he didn’t like Sehun, but shooting him?” Her tone became hoarse, the older mlae nodded back.

“Do you know how I felt? All those years, I hated Sehun for leaving. Not knowing that it was my own father who made him leave. And yet, I blamed him for everything.”

Changwook saw tears line down her eyes, he sighed and leaned over to hold her hand.

“But things are okay now, you fixed everything.”

“Sehun could have gone to the police, but he didn’t. That’s what eating me the most, he wanted…to..” She choked and looked away.

“Protect you, I know.”

Chaewon nodded, her lower lip shaking.

“Chaewon-ah, it’s all done now. Abeoji got what he deserves. And, it’s not your fault. It never was.”

She let out a shaky breath before giving her brother a nod.

“So, what happens now? You can’t fly home yet. The doctor said you aren’t even allowed to walk around much.”

“Sehun was adamant about me staying here, and I think I should move out~”

“That’s a good idea, stay here.”

“Oppa!” She argued, the older male chuckled.

“You and Sehun have a lot of catching up to do, besides,” Changwook stood up and grinned at her.

“I know you miss him.”



“Did you get yelled at?”

Chaewon looked up from her phone, Sehun had walked in, carrying a mug of hot tea with him.

“A bit, yes. He asked if I aspired to be a stuntwoman.” She nodded back, Sehun chuckled and sat down on the bed.

“How’s work? You flew here without a plan.” She asked as he handed her the mug, Sehun shrugged back at her.

“I took a leave, abeoji’s stepping in for a bit.” He smiled at her, Chaewon paused but she nodded back not speaking.

“Hey, stop worrying,” Sehun cupped the side of her cheek.

“It’s fine, eomma would never let me fly back home with you still stuck here.” He said teasingly, Chaewon sighed and pushed his hand away.

“Oppa’s flying back tomorrow, how am I going to sped the next three weeks here?” She sighed, Sehun chuckled and lay beside her, Chaewon glanced at him and she smiled as he laced their fingers together.

“My phone’s been ringing the whole day, I got word from my secretary that my father’s trying to get in my office. He thinks I’m hiding there.” She murmured, Sehun looked at her, his brows raising.

“I read the news, Oh Sehun.”

“I didn’t know he was involved with the illegal gambling den his girlfriend was running.” Sehun said, a little hesitant.

“I asked you to do that. Don’t worry.”

“Chaewon-ah,” He sat up so that he could look at her, her brows rows.

“He’s still your father. He helped raise you and~”

“And, he also blames me because eomma caught him in bed with another woman.” She replied, her tone harsh. Sehun closed his mouth and nodded back.

“It’s not going to change anything, he’s done enough.” She spoke, he met her gaze before gently cupping her cheek.

“I still don’t know where I got the guts to face your parents like that, what was I thinking?”

“You were not thinking well when you got on that bike, that I can assure you.” Sehun stated, she rolled her eyes at him.

“I’ll go get us something to eat.” He simply said before sliding off the bed and leaving the room, Chaewon exhaled and looked around the room, realizing it was Sehun’s. Her eyes zeroed on his study and noticed a familiar pen on it. It was the pen she gave him during their junior year, Chaewon smiled to herself and puffed her cheeks.



“Oh my goodness. Oh Sehun.” Hyebin murmured as she stared at the TV screen, Joohyuk and Kai nodded.

“I had no idea he was involved in that. Even the police were stunned.” She continued as she tried to stretch her legs.

“Has hyung heard about this already?”

“Probably, he’s still in a meeting. Said meeting probably wont end now, seeing this.”

“He’d do anything to protect her, huh?” Joohyuk spoke, Kai grinned.

“He’d finish anyone who gets in Chaewon’s way, you mean.”

Hyebin couldn’t help but smile and lean back on the sofa.

“What happens now, noona? When will Chaewon be flying back here?”

“She needs about three weeks of rest, the Ohs were very nice and adamant about letting Chaewon stay with them.”

“I love the Ohs.” Joohyuk commented.

“Uncle has always favored Chaewon, you know. Auntie too, I remember one time she scolded Sehun because he forgot what foundation shade Chaewon wore.”

Hyebin laughed, Joohyuk grew amused.

“If..this…If all these didn’t happen,” The expression on his face softened.

“If Mr. Ji didn’t do this to Sehun, if that accident never occurred, Chaewon would have been Mrs. Oh by now.”

The room grew silent, Hyebin’s eyes focused on her younger cousin.

“Whoa, you overshared.” Joohyuk murmured, but he was already leaning over, wanting to hear more.

“Kim Jongin, you.”

Kai grimaced and leaned back on his seat, Joohyuk grinned.

“Sehun already had a ring made. I was there with him when he claimed it from the store.”



“Now I feel bad for not waking up earlier.” Chaewon murmured as she was wheeled towards the dining table. The Oh elders had left for an early flight back to Seoul and Chaewon wanted to at least bid them goodbye and thank the couple.

The doctor suggested that she limit her walking and advised her to use the wheelchair instead. And she hated it.

“It’s fine, you need rest.” Sehun said as he sat down beside her.

Chaewon poured herself a cup of coffee and looked at the spread before them.

“So, what are your plans today?” Sehun asked as the girl grabbed a piece of toast and lathered it with orange marmalade, his brows rows in confusion. She hated marmalade.

“You ask me that as if I can actually leave the house.” She muttered as she placed the bread on his plate.

“You can, but no walking.” Sehun smiled as he started to nibble on the bread.

“Nevermind, I’d rather stay here.” She murmured as she took her coffee.

“Not eating?” Sehun asked, worried.

“I want something spicy.” She hummed as she leaned over and pulled the plate of kimchi towards her.

Sehun smiled to himself, noticing how she was chewing on the insides of her cheek. He put some kimbap on her plate before leaning back on his chair.

“What is it, J.Won? Just spit it out.” He said teasingly, the girl blinked at him, her eyes widened.

“You think I wouldn’t notice? You’ve been a little too quiet since yesterday, what’s bothering you?”

She scrunched her nose at him.

“What is it? Is something bothering you?” Sehun inched closer to her, she shook her head.

“It’s just a little unnerving,” She begun as she cupped his cheek, Sehun’s brows furrowed together.

“Unnerving? Do I make you uncomfortable?”

“No. Never.”

“Then, what is it?” He pressed.

“Things are just…too quiet and peaceful. It’s not something I’m used to.” She replied honestly.

“I like it.” He replied, she smiled.

“Of course, you do. You kind of bring me peace, that’s why it’s unnerving for me.”

“Should I be offended? Or are you dumping me right now?” Sehun asked, his voice a little raw.

“Are…Are you going to leave me?” He spoke again, now he grew unsure.

Chaewon quickly shook her head, she pushed herself off the wheelchair and slowly climbed onto his lap, Sehun grew confused as he steadied her.

“What I’m saying is that, I’m happy and at that same time, you make nervous. You still do.” She murmured, his brows went up.

“Why would I leave? I like where I am right now.” She said, trying to lighten up the mood, she smiled before kissing the tip of his nose.

“I’m not going. I’ll latch onto you like a koala or a leech. No, maybe, koala sounds better.”

“You lost me at leech.” Sehun laughed, Chaewon rolled her eyes at him.

“Now, come closer.” He winked before tugging her closer to press his lips against hers, Chaewon let out a sigh and wrapped her arms around his neck.




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