Chaewon shut the doors behind her, Joohyuk was standing at the middle of the suite.

“What is it?”

“It’s him!”


“That’s why you’ve been acting all strange and psycho. It’s him!”

“Leave it alone, Joohyuk.” She said as she picked up the remote control and plopped on the couch.

“How did he end up being here?”

“He’s a plus one.”

“Hmmm, he would have been your plus one.” That earned him a slap on the arm, Joohyuk sighed and leaned down on the couch.

“Why are you pretending not to know each other?”

“Do we have to pretend that we’re friends?”

“Well, does it benefit any of you if you continue doing that?” He replied.

“Do we have to talk about the past? Right now?” She asked crabbily, Joohyuk rolled his eyes before replying.

“Chaewon, from the looks of it, he would rather not lie about that thing.” He switched to English.

“Yeah, I would rather not see him, but whoopee, he’s here.”


“I don’t want to talk about him, okay? He’s no longer a part of my life.”

“This will take a toll on you, you know that.” Joohyuk said, Chaewon ignored him and just stared at the screen.



“Wife! Finally!” Changwook sighed, Hyebin blinked at him.

“What is it?”

“You won’t believe who Ko Hyejin brought as plus one.” He said, he saw Hyebin adjust her hair and nodded for him to continue.

“Who? Park Seojoon?”

“Oh Sehun.”

Hyebin froze, her eyes widened.


“Sehun’s here.”

“Oh my…So, Chaewon?”

“She…She has no reaction. My sister’s…a little scary.” He murmured, Hyebin frowned.

“Did they talk?”

“They did. I overhead her call him “Oh Sehun-ssi”.” Changwook sighed and leaned back on his seat.

“I mean, I get that they probably didn’t end things well, but to…address him like that.”

“So, they’re speaking as if they don’t know each other?”

“You were right, Chaewon did change. A lot.” Changwook stated, Hyebin gave him a small smile.

“Sehun….Sehun was really good for her, you know. I mean, they were good for each other. What happened?” She spoke.

“I don’t know. But my sister….sometimes, the way she acts, it feels like I don’t know her anymore.”



Kai stepped out of the elevator and made his way towards Sehun’s office. The secretary was about to stand up to welcome him, but he waved her away, wanting to show himself in.

Sehun looked up as he heard the doors open, and then he sighed.

“Why are you back?”

“So, I was made aware that you know who’s back in town.” Kai hummed as he strolled in the room as if it was his own office he had barged into.


“How did it go? How is she?”

“She looks good. Healthy.” Sehun’s reply was neutral as it was scripted, Kai’s brows went up.


“She doesn’t want to talk about it. Let it be.” Sehun turned his gaze to the computer.

“Did you…get to talk to her?”

Sehun exhaled, he shut the laptop close and looked at his friend.

“She addressed me as Oh Sehun-ssi, do you think she wants to sit down and have a chat?” Sehun replied, his tone sharp.

“Ya, this wouldn’t happen if only you told her~”

“Just, let it be, Kai. It’s fine. I’m just really happy that she’s doing well. That’s all I ask for.” Sehun murmured, he loosened his tie and stood up from his seat.

“Can you, really?” Kai looked at his friend, Sehun paused and faced him.

“Can I, what?”

“Can you really let it be?”

Sehun ignored him, he picked up his coat and put it on.

“You said you wanted to grab lunch,” Sehun said before leaving the room, Kai shook his head to himself.

“I don’t think you can. No,” Kai glanced over his desk, his eyes went towards the small polaroid photo Sehun was looking at when arrived.

"I bet you can't."



“What did you want to talk about, oppa?” Chaewon asked as she stepped in her brother’s office, Changwook smiled and stood up.

“We have tow major projects this year, how do you suggest we split this up?”

“In a fair manner?” She was amused, her brother took the seat across her.

Changwook paused, he glanced over his desk before looking at his sister.

“How about a random draw?” Chaewon suggested, her tone playful.

“So, you’re really not going to tell me about your new boyfriend?”

Chaewon shook her head and crossed her legs.


“Is that it? His name?”

She chuckled.

“We met in LA, oppa. Nam Holdings’ only son, he’s also an orthodontist.”

Changwook nodded back, he grinned at her.

“Invite him over for dinner sometime, I would love to meet him.”

Chaewon snorted and shook her head.

“Let’s talk about work first, chairman.”

“So, random draw. We can do it by Monday, is that good?” Changwook ed his coat and leaned back on the chair.

“Sure, I have to leave for a meeting in Cheongdam. I’ll see you at home.” Chaewon said as she stood up, Changwook smiled and bumped fists with her. He walked her to the door and bid her goodbye.

Changwook shut the doors behind him and walked towards his desk, he looked at the two files before him and opened the one on top.

He ran his fingers across the logo before exhaling.

“She is so going to kill me,”

Changwook tucked the folders in his drawer and locked them in.

“But she needs this, I think.”





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Chapter 23: this chapter make me teared...
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Chapter 48: ⋆。°✩Reader Comment⋆。°✩

Hi Author bluestone!!

Aww they are too cute!! This was such a great read!! Thank you for doing your best!!

I just wanted to let you know you might have meant her sister in law but accidentally put Chaewon instead before Chaewon came downstairs when they were talking about the food. Or did I misread??

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I love how everyone is teasing Chaewon!! How funny!!

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Ah that makes more sense now..but still he is an idiot to think that way and make her hate him..

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Chaewon is super cute..her dad on the other hand?? Is not, not even in the slightest. He is a dickhead. Like why is he so insistent on making sure that they are not together?? It is not her fault that her dad was cheating and got caught. Like how dumb is that dude..

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Chapter 44: ⋆。°✩Reader Comment⋆。°✩

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I do not blame Chaewon for wanting nothing to do with her father..he has done a lot of bad things to her and did a lot of damage..so it makes sense!! But I am looking forward to when he gives her the ring!! Also his parents are so nice!!

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I do not know who to be more afraid of Sehun or Chaewon..I do not want to anger either of them because they are really alike when the person they love is hurt by someone..but Chaewon does have a point about leaking the video about Sehun..and he is blind to it..but then again he loves her a lot so it would not matter too much..I hope she could see it like that too soon..

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