Loey's Wife


“If you let me, I can give you everything.”

“I never wished for this. I never wished for you.”

“I’m giving it all up for you. So, stay with me.”

“You scare me. You have no idea how much I want to run away from you.”








There really was no limit for them.

College sweehearts turned into power couple.

Both of them were successful in their own fields, no one really questioned how they got together. But people knew, she was his, and he was hers.

And it was probably the only thing that mattered.

But it wasn’t like that.

There was more to them than what people saw, behind the genuine smiles, the hugs and the kisses.

Do they really have no limits?

Is it real love?






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congrats on the feature
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oh great featured again,
well deserved
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Rereading this
Congrats on the feature! Really missed reading your stories, re-reading them all over again :)
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Congrats on the feature!
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finding (good) chanyeol x oc fics here is not something easy to do, but when i do the ending is ALWAYS bad (either he's d word or cant be together with the female lead asalksla). i'll read and put my faith in this one!
Congratulations on the feature... I'm definitely going to read this!
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I will definitely read it
I may get hate for what I will say, but finally Idol x oc story being featured
lately all featured stories are Karina, winter....
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Congrats on the feature!