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[CONTENTID1]"So I can start with you and finish with me." 

~Taken from: Seventeen - Very Nice~[/CONTENTID1]

[CONTENTID2]Welcome into my dustbin aka solely-for-Seventeen-pairs collections. Yes, you heard me. Only for SVT. I hope you love it, Dolls/Carats. You will see various pairs in here (I will list all possible OTPs I'm writing in this collection in foreword). This collection is purely all my imaginations, I own nothing but the storyline and my love towards the boys. The genre and story setting will be varied and not continuous unless stated. The chapter's title will let you know which pair involved in that chapter. Oh! You can drop a prompt for the pair in this story (Like this: Prompt Pairname Yourprompt). Drop it here or hereSo, I wish you will have fun and enjoy the story, my pretty Dolls.^^[/CONTENTID2]


This collection is going to be like a dumpster of stories on the pair I will list below. But I have my priority (the pair that have pictures and please understand I'm a complete trash of JiCheol and Meanie hehe) for my favourite OTPs so you will have more of them than the rest (excuse me for that). One chapter for one pair (unless there's anything stated) and it might be drabbles, one shot, normal chapter or several chapters (this will be stated as well), depends on my mood. Well now here is the list and I hope you will enjoy this collection! ^^ Love you my Dolls.

*correct me if there's any pair below have another usual/famous name that the fans used*

*this is not a complete set yet, I might later have other OTPs that I'm interested to write*

*visit the other stories too --> Masterlist*

*Vietnamese translation (for Jihoon pairing only) --> here by melon_starry*

JiCheol [Choi Seungcheol/Scoups and Lee Jihoon/Woozi] 28

Meanie [Kim Mingyu and Jeon Wonwoo] 4

JiHan [Hong Jisoo/Joshua and Yoon Jeonghan] 2

SoonSeok [Kwon Soonyoung/Hoshi and Lee Seokmin/DK] 3

JunHao [Wen Junhui/Moon Junhwi/Jun and Xu Minghao/Seo Myungho/The8] 1

VerKwan [Choi Hansol/Vernon and Boo Seungkwan] 1


CheolSoo [Choi Seungcheol/Scoups and Hong Jisoo/Joshua] 1

SoonCheol [Kwon Soonyoung/Hoshi and Choi Seungcheol/Scoups] 2

WonCheol [Jeon Wonwoo and Choi Seungcheol/Scoups] 1

GyuCheol [Kim Mingyu and Choi Seungcheol/Scoups] 0

MingCheol [Xu Minghao/Seo Myungho/The8 and Choi Seungcheol/Scoups] 1

2Seung [Choi Seungcheol/Scoups and Boo Seungkwan] 1

JunHan [Wen Junhui/Moon Junhwi/Jun and Yoon Jeonghan] 0

JeongHoon [Yoon Jeonghan and Lee Jihoon/Woozi] 1

SeokHan [Lee Seokmin/DK and Yoon Jeonghan] 0

GyuHan [Kim Mingyu and Yoon Jeonghan] 0

JeongHao [Yoon Jeonghan and Xu Minghao/Seo Myungho/The8] 0

JunShua [Wen Junhui/Moon Junhwi/Jun and Hong Jisoo/Joshua] 0

WonShua [Jeon Wonwoo and Hong Jisoo/Joshua] 1

JiJi [Hong Jisoo/Joshua and Lee Jihoon/Woozi] 1

MinShua [Kim Mingyu and Hong Jisoo/Joshua] 1

JiSol [Choi Hansol/Vernon and Hong Jisoo/Joshua] 0

ChanSoo [Lee Chan/Dino and Hong Jisoo/Joshua] 0

WonHui [Jeon Wonwoo and Wen Junhui/Moon Junhwi/Jun] 0

JunHoon [Wen Junhui/Moon Junhwi/Jun and Lee Jihoon/Woozi] 1

SoonHoon [Kwon Soonyoung/Hoshi and Lee Jihoon/Woozi] 1

HanSoon [Choi Hansol/Vernon and Kwon Soonyoung/Hoshi] 0

SoonChan [Kwon Soonyoung/Hoshi and Lee Chan/Dino] 1

WonBoo [Jeon Wonwoo and Boo Seungkwan] 1

JiGyu [Lee Jihoon/Woozi and Kim Mingyu] 1

DiWoo [Lee Chan/Dino and Lee Jihoon/Woozi] 0

SeokHao [Lee Seokmin/DK and Xu Minghao/Seo Myungho/The8] 0

SeokKwan [Lee Seokmin/DK and Boo Seungkwan] 0

GyuHao [Kim Mingyu and Xu Minghao/Seo Myungho/The8] 1

MinKwan [Kim Mingyu and Boo Seungkwan] 1


Leadersline [Choi Seungcheol/Scoups, Lee Jihoon/Woozi and Kwon Soonyoung/Hoshi]

Credit thanks to:-

ryhanna| We Got Fired ---// GRAPHIC SHOP for the poster and background

--Pictures used above credits to the owner--

--I only own the storyline which purely MINE!--

If you ever come across a simliar story like this that is not just simply changing the names of the characters which can be consider as plagiarism, it's just coincident~ you know FF in this world is going beyond trillion ^^

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