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ACTIVE SINCE 26.10.2013. Make sure to read our rules and comment for anything! We're here to help you out. Check our FAQ for any questions or for the tl;dr version of our rules. You can also reach us on kakaotalk (code: hiwgf)
07/07/18: VVIP passes can now be used 5 times instead of once and they can be acquired by exchanging 5 VIP (normal) passes. Unless someone abuses this system, the change should be permanent. If you have any ideas on what other perks requesters should have, please contact us.
colored = available
o1. subscribe until you pick up your request. you may unsubscribe after
before you request, please subscribe to the shop, so you know when your request is done and to keep up with any other shop updates that might also influence your request. we won't contact you! you may unsubscribe afterwards, we’re totally fine with that
o2. don't be rude!
be kind with our designers and requesters! we accept suggestions, advices and we welcome critique, but be respectful. this also includes communicating with us and not directly or indirectly insulting our work and / or our persona. it’s fine to be honest / blunt (we encourage it) but know when you should not cross the limit
o3. have patience. ask if you're curious
don't rush us! remember that a beautiful poster needs time to be prepared. shop policy is one week from the moment the designer got your request and no request stays without an assigned designer for more than 3 days. that means you will have your request done in 10 days or less. if you are curious about your pending request or if you've noticed that it takes too long, comment or contact the owners (if we hadn’t already contacted you – then please do answer us) and we'll be more than glad to check for you!
o4. write everything in the form. contact us for anything else
use our form if you want to request from us and tell us everything there (don’t worry, the form should have most of the info you need). do not comment what you want to request (exception if you want to adopt a poster – more information on the donation page – or if you want something else other than what we provide – we’d rather you PM us regarding this). we have that form for a reason.
for anything else or if you forgot details, comment / reply to your initial comment or pm the owners and we’ll be more than happy to fix the form for you. please keep in mind that we have the right to reject any request without saying why
o5. (picking) designers
our designers will be automatically switched to busy if they have 4 pending requests. due to each designer working at a different speed, “first come, first served” is not applied at this shop unless you use one of our VIP passes.
if you want a specific designer for your request, please mention it in the form or when you comment, and we will see what we can do. make sure that the designer you want is available that batch and not under “hiatus” on the staff page (designers under “hiatus” are unavailable, no matter how much you want them). if you really want a busy designer (not under “hiatus”) that is or is not available that batch, please be aware that we expect you to wait a little longer than our usual if said designer accepts your request!
all designers have the right to reject any request for any reason. you may not change your designer once you have been assigned one, unless we specifically contact you for this or if said designer is no longer working for the shop.
o6. comment when you request and when you pick up.
please comment when you request and after / before you pick your request, so we can cross you off the list. if one day passed since you have requested and there is no comment, the request will be automatically rejected. we do not require you to pick up in a specific time, but we will only consider you have picked up once you comment. there is no penalty for picking up late and we keep the links for roughly a year if you hadn't picked up, unless the designer had deleted them / left the shop
o7. cancellation
if you want to cancel your request, comment again or directly pm one of the shop owners and your designer (do not PM just your designer). we do not need a reason. you have one day to cancel. we’re often quick with finishing requests, so please do cancel as fast as possible if you’ve changed your mind. you do not need to cancel your request and re-submit your form if you made a mistake / want to change details in your form, simply contact us and we'll fix the form with you
o8. request limit. reserving. double-requesting
you may request twice a normal batch (when there are 30 or more requests), waiting at least a week between requests in case the batch is split in 3-4 weeks. therefore, you may request during week 1 and 3, but not during week 2 and 4 (and vice versa). shop week usually begins on Friday or Saturday. this does not count if our batch is extended for more than 4 weeks for any reason (e.g. lack of staff), where you may request up to three times, or if we are having a special batch. you may not request again until your first request has been completed. this is to prevent the request list from clogging with the same people. double-requesting under different usernames is strictly forbidden. anyone caught doing this shall be permanently blacklisted without a warning.
if you wish to keep a spot for the next batch, contact us and we will try to hold you a spot for five days after the batch opens, unless the pending list says that we are not reserving spots for the next batch. you may reserve during a batch too, but the spots are limited and can only be held for a day or two
o9. pending requests at other shops. shop-hopping, hoarding and galleries
please do not request if you have the same request pending at another shop, that's wasting our designers' time. also, if you have a pending request here, please do not request for the same thing at another shop, as that's wasting other people's time.
in case you've requested at another shop, but you haven't got an answer from said shop for a while, please make sure you first cancel your request there before requesting the same from us. this way, we'll avoid future issues.
if we are aware that you are shop-hopping or a hoarder / building up a “gallery” of posters, we take the liberty to reject your request in order not to waste a spot that could have gone to someone else. as a general rule, if the graphics you want to replace, without a valid reason, are not older than five months, we might reject you
10. redoes and “no, thank you” policy
if you don't like your finished request, you may ask for a redo (minor or major). if minor (modifying the graphics provided), we will work with you through PMs or comment replies until both parties are satisfied (please don’t abuse this). if major (creating a completely new design / making new graphics), this will be considered a new request and the designer has the right to choose whether they wish to redo your graphics or not, and whether to work on your redo first or other requests. you may not change your designer for a redo unless we offer you this option. redoes are no longer available if we cleaned the shop and opened a new batch.
alternatively, if you don't like the provided graphics, for any reason, please tell us if you really do not want to use them. we will understand and there will be no penalty. this is called our “no, thank you” policy, but please do consider a redo first. note that not using what we’ve made you, even though you have picked up, is not considered our “no, thank you” policy! you have to explicitly tell us that you DO NOT want to use the graphics and that you WILL NOT use them. using the graphics after telling us that you will not use them, with no credits, is considered breaking our crediting rule and not picking the “no, thank you” option, and shall therefore be penalized. repeatedly abusing our “no, thank you” policy will earn you a permanent spot on our blacklist without a warning
11. save your finished requests and upload them yourself
don't forget to save your finished requests and upload them on AFF / on an image hosting site yourself. your designer might delete their links one day and you'll be left with a big "image was not found" error. that ain't pretty.
12. crediting
you must credit the shop and (or) the designer. this is mandatory. you can credit by either using one of our banners or with a simple "credit goes to ---" or a "thank you ---", all with a link back to the shop (we can't stress this one enough). regardless of the type of graphics, the credit must be visible on the foreword and on the foreword only (you may credit us somewhere else too but we will only take in consideration the credits if they are on the foreword). if your story is on another site, please make sure the credits are visible on the first page / description of your story / the equivalent of the AFF foreword.
failure to do so on multiple occasions, we will blacklist you without a warning. now, before you say something, remember this – we need requests in order to survive, so we need people to find us. the easiest way is through credits.
if you do not know how to credit or you are having difficulties with the graphic links / anything else, please check our FAQ for instructions or contact us and we’ll help you out.
13. graphic usage
please do not replace / remove our graphics the next day. we request that you keep them on your story for at least 15 days. afterwards, you are free to replace or remove them. counting begins once they are displayed on your story, i.e. after you actually put them up as your poster / background / header etc., not use them as something else (if you don't know how, please check our FAQ for instructions or contact us). if you picked a main poster, but use it as a chapter poster instead, there is no penalty, but remember to pick the right option next time (unless you clearly abuse this, then we’ll need to talk).
also, please use our graphics! we spent our free time on your request and if you don't use them, then of course we'll get really upset. unless you want to upset us, you meanie!
14. do not edit or claim our work
do not, under any circumstances, edit any of our graphics (backgrounds included). you may ask the designer to do that for you or, if you believe that the edit is minor, ask for permission first.
do not, under any circumstances, claim the graphics as your own. you will get a permanent ban if this happens because you're stealing someone's work for your benefit
15. contact us for anything, we don't bark or bite
we're (most of the times) friendly, so please comment or message our walls / PM us if there's anything you would like to know. we also have a FAQ, where we already answered most questions gathered over the years, please check that too if you're curious of anything or if you are in a hurry and need an answer asap
16. respect us and we'll respect you
remember to follow all the above and everything else that’s present in our form(s) and other pages. if you break any of our rules, we will contact you regarding this and take action following our discussion, be it positive (no penalty) or negative (temporarily or permanently ban you from the shop), unless the rule you broke automatically adds you to our blacklist without prior warning. let's have a great time and let's be respectful with everyone!
we recycle our posters !
if you got a poster from us in the past and you want to replace it, you do not have to go through the request form. simply contact us and we'll work with you on a new poster. please keep in mind that this only applies to posters (and backgrounds if they need to match the new poster) that are 5 months old or more. if the poster you want to replace is not at least 5 months old, please use the request form instead




pending list

special requests /// [R] = minor redo
[V] = free pass/VIP request [chap o4]

[B] = requested from a busy designer
[Y] = recycling project (check guidelines)

busy designers take longer & you agreed to 
this the moment you picked said designer.
do not bother / harass our designers!

+ A = animation | + O = other request

special requests


special batch


batch 54

- not reserving -



-natsukim | poster | shin-oppa
luv_kero | poster, bg | ryhanna
LocaLina | poster, bg | kkoschei
chroma | poster | ryhanna + shin-oppa
Diana_1203 | poster, bg | mrs_shawty





WGF // After 84 years, our staff page is back. Special thank you to Yeon for making our shop super extra pretty and not killing us when we ruined the codes.


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Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the poster! It’s so adorable, I honestly didn’t expect it to look like this xD the colors are really pretty and it fits so well with the genre of my story! Thank you again :)
Chapter 839: Thank you so much for the poster! Like I've told Lara before, I cried rainbow (and still do) when I saw it for the first time; the blending is pleasantly soft, and the color scheme is just purretty ♥
And i really, really appreciate you for taking my suggestions into consideration. I still hope that they didn't cause both of you a lot of trouble, nor feel like I was too demanding :')
I will PM the story link once it's available (I'm not quite sure if it's mandatory, but I'll absolutely let you know when I publish the story), and thanks again for accepting my request! ♥
Chapter 838: Hi! I love how the poster came out and I love the vibe, it's exactly what I was going for! The only thing is that in my request I asked for it to say Greed. Power. Money. the words power and money are switched in the poster. Can that be redone? If not it's fine, I really do love the poster!
-natsukim #4
Hi, Shin. Can I pm you? I can’t pm you now
2470 streak #5
Chapter 837: Thank you so much ryhanna!! <3 I've picked up the poster and background, and credited you and the shop in my contest's foreword already!! This is absolutely beautiful and I love it so much!! ^^ You perfectly captured the dreamy, ethereal vibe that I was going for, and I love the addition of the clouds and the moon since they help showcase the soft atmosphere really well!! *o* The lighting is also stunning and the title typography is so pretty!! x] I'm really pleased with the result and thank you so much once again!! :)
2470 streak #6
I've requested!! :)
Hi I've submitted my request ♥
Hello, I've submitted my request meow ♥
Chapter 4: I just requested, thank you!