—serene : graphics shop #finishing requests. 


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Chapter 5: can I request?
theboyz94 #2
Chapter 8: Thank you for the poster!!! I've picked it up and I LOVE it !!! <3 I credited you for it aaand thank you once again~ ^^
Chapter 7: hiii ive picked it up and credited to you! thank you for the poster :) i would like to use the gif one but it;s more than 5mb so I couldn't upload it :( so im using the normal one...
Chapter 6: Wow, this poster is so nice ^^
Chapter 6: I AM IN LOVE <3 This is absolutely perfect, thank you <3 Picked up!
Chapter 5: Wow only two posters up for now but so well done and so aethetic! Looking forward to your future work :D