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Hey, welcome to my profile!

Here you'll find a ton of sinful content, some experimental drabbles, and me, an actual potato. Thank you for dropping by <3 If there's anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to drop me a message, even if you think it might be a silly question. I love to hear back from my readers, and you've all made my experience at AFF so wonderful :D

I'll see you soon~

About Me

Hey there <3

I'm a university student with the goal of creating the ultimate reader experience in the forms of stories, requests, and eventual more complex choice-based experiences, such as visual novels. Since I'm also working to get into the game industry, I've aquired other skills such as 3D modelling, digital drawing, and other tidbits. I hope to put them to use someday ^o^

I started writing here almost a year ago, and with all the knowledge I've aquired over this time, I hope to keep improving and posting high quality content for you all <3 I'm still lacking in many areas, so constructive criticism is always appreciated.

I've got two main favourite groups - EXO and BTS. There's also a ton of other groups I adore (such as VIXX and NCT 127), but I won't list them all because that list would be far too long :'( And as for biases, I always seem to teeter from one to another. In EXO, it's a tie between Lay and Chen - every time I look one way, the other pulls me back. In BTS, I swore to forever be loyal to RM, but then J-hope comes in and bias wrecks me so ing hard that I just don't know what to do with myself anymore. Then again, every single member is wonderful and unique in their own ways. 

I'm trash q v q