Put Some Pants On

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Taemin and Jongin do the dumbest thing of their lives (alright, second dumbest) because they are both too proud to give up on a dare.





Forever editing - if you spot errors, please tell me. 
I haven't written in a while because of life, so excuse the crappy.
Members only due to aff censoring swears and all, not as fun without. 
Uh... warning: jokes? The crack tag should be enough. Story not meant to be taken seriously. 
I don't find anything mature about this, but if it disturbs anybody, tell me and I'll put the M rating myself. 

♥ for alka, who wanted girl group dances and I ended up with this fml (cheer up dude)
♥ special thanks to Koemi321 for putting up with my kakao spam imsorryluvulotsbby
♥ majestic posters by
cute K at ooh . la . di . dah. thank you so so so much again <3

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planetefantome #1
Chapter 1: These two are so endearingly stupid! You managed to write characters both kind of unpredictable (Taemin getting help from Moonkyu just like that) and relatable, like when Jongin feels gross after running around all night, or when Soojung's short skirt make her uncomfortable. I like that their actions have consequences, especially on their relationship. The last scene is very cute, even before the kiss. And all the shenanigans were really fun to read!
Chapter 1: rereading this bcs why not aND DUDE this gives me chill:
i cant believe that it's been A FUDGIN YEAR since i read this fic aka since you dragged me into the colorful world of Taekai full of cotton candies and snuggle and chicken and the poster was completed only a few days ago.
the timing is p e r f e c t.

its like the world is tryna to tell me that i should go deeper in this world since i'll never be able to get out of this anyway ; u ;
Chapter 2: Ohh I got heart attack, I thought new chapter came out! TT
I loved this so much omg
Byuntequila #5
Aww, this is so nice... Can I translate it into Spanish?? Pretty please?
Chapter 1: this is so cute, i enjoyed it too much omg.
this is surely one of the best taekai fic i've ever read! the moods you set just matched the characters so much <3
Chapter 1: OK IT WAS LIKE 4AM WHEN I READ THIS MAY BE ONE OF THE BEST CRACKFICS I'VE EVER READ Ahh it's been a while since I've read some good 'ole Taekai ♥ A+ to you shin-oppa