Do you think the members will find Baekhyun alive or dead? (The poll doesn't affect the outcome; it's already been decided long ago)

  • he better be alive
  • oh my ing god he ing ded

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i'm a big phat kris stan you ain't ever gonna meet someone so loyal..lmao

also if you are looking for some chensoo love in your life, check out saf (haljordae)! she has some great stories on her account!


Kainess is my back up account. Check out my twitter account if you want some xiuchen aus. :)

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i like to write stories that have dark and eerie vibes to them, as well as writing realistic stories. some have romance and some don't. also a big fan of underrated ships as well as big ones \o/

most of my stories have happy endings; but some don't.