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Kokocats is an elite group of cats assembled by a majestic human being who goes by the name of Kiki. During years of intense training, The Cats discovered their own distinct style based on Kiki’s personal design preference: minimalistic, minimal blending, vector, and occasionally illustration.
Now, they are ready to meet the fanfic authors' needs for graphic for free. you are allowed to give the cats belly rub and patting on their head, but they won’t hesitate to bite you once you break the rules they have established to maintain the order. After all, they are of creature destined to rule the world.
read the latest news and updates on the cats!
important information and complete guide to requesting from the cats.
any question? need some help? why don’t you take a look into our faqs first?
MEET THE CATS! [scroll down for their profile]
from being the leader of the team to being the fluffiest ball of purrpurr, there is nothing kokochen cannot do. aside from kiki, the only human being whose presence he acknowledges is kim jongdae, his human counterpart, and meeting him has become the closest thing to obsession kokochen has. his claw is lethal, so be sure to not ignite his fury.
> thriller/mystery
> horror
outside, he's a calm and independent kind that prefers to be left alone most of the time. however, kiki knows that he has a child-like ball of fluff soul inside. Don't let his appearance fools you: he may seem like he doesn't care, but he has a gentle heart that will draw you into his charm.
> romance
> light angst
> drama
she may seem like the epitome of a perfect, ideal female feline: calm, quiet, and nurturing. however, being a cat mom, she's just as strong as her male partners. what she lacks in social skill is made up by her great observation skill – you may feel like it's okay to break the rules because we will never find out... or so you thought.
> romcom
> fluff
kokopong, or pongie, isn't only small; she's smol. Kiki often thinks that she's the cat version of kid flash. being the youngest in the team, she surely still needs a lot of opportunities to practice, which is why her style in the genres she's best at is still pretty inconsistent.
warning: she loves to fart; when she does it in front of you, that means she likes you. 
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>> currently not accepting request.
litter box
× icecreampop // double-requesting
× charlislekim // minimum usage
(if you find your name in our litter box and think that it's a mistake, pm kiki/chroma.)
a graphic shop by chroma, est. 2018
also visit
COMMENT or pm chroma to be affies!
layout designed by chroma and coded by ambrozia.
layout inspiration: this and this.

credits to we got fired and kairos for rules and faq page!
⚠️ KOKOCATS! update: Shop reopening > TBD. My personal laptop is /ded/ so I won't be able to design until I get a new unit.


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Hi, I'm cinnamonhyun, I won a prize from ESCAPE, an EXO writing contest! I'm here to claim my prize, can you please direct me on the next steps? thank you so much! :D
Chapter 88: I'M SO PROUD OF YOU AND I'LL ALWAYS BE TELLING YOU THIS OKAY YOU'VE COME SO FAR SINCE OUR NEW YEAR'S SESSION ;A; but also pls rest lots okay and take time for yourself okay and do things you like when you got the time cause this life is so so so short TT happy holidays <33
Chapter 88: Merry Christmas (again) K and to your cats! thanks for the psds. I wanted to do something like that too since theyre such huge junk files but i cant delete them either haha Rest well and take care :)
Chapter 88: Haha Meowy Christmas Kikiiii!! I hope your wrist get better soon❤❤❤ happy holidays!
Chapter 88: merry christmas!!!!! i wish i knew how to do posters too ;; because the tarot card one asdfghj it's SO cool ;;
Chapter 88: Meowy christmas! Stay healthy!
Oh and i hope ur wrist will get better soon <3
Chapter 88: Meowy Christmas and Happy Holidays K and to the lovely kitties at Kokocats!
I hope your wrist is getting better. No worries about not having the Christmas event this year. Rest well and enjoy the break. I've been neglecting my annual Christmas events too. OTL Those PSD files though... wow. They're puurrrity. :3
Chapter 88: No worries! Enjoy your holidays and have a good break!!
just stumbled on this cute shop and found out about this event! congratulations on two years!!!

> type: ipad pro 11in (hope ipad is ok!) or iphone xs max
> lyrics: Fighting evil by moonlight / Winning love by daylight (yessss sailor moon !!)
> color: pastels / or any color scheme from sailor moon really!! my current wp (and obsession) is sailor moon and i'd love to see what you'll come up with <3
> msg for cats? um- i'm a dog person so i have nothing to say. kiDDING!!!! MUCH LOVE FOR ALL THE ADORABLE KITTIES ♥︎