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[C] - completed
[O] - on-going

[P] - planned (95% sure I'll write it)
[D] - drafted for various reasons (in italics)
[DR] - dropped
[+] - personal favorites




A Loaded Smile
Lee Joon is part of a Recovery Agency named the Moon Legion. Recovery Agencies track down the most dangerous criminals and give them a chance to rehabilitate through death. Each Legion is named after a celestial being, the supreme head in South Korea being the Sun Legion. The Moon Legion is a special division which acts as a shadow to the Sun Legion and cleans up mistakes. Joon met Hyuna and after three years of dating, he has finally decided to leave the Legion and marry the girl of his dreams. He was offered one last mission: to end the life of Adam, a nameless and faceless powerful individual who has escaped every Legion so far. Unknown to him, the Sun Legion might not be shining warmth, but dripping chaos.
--- chaptered [C] - action, thriller
--- lee joon, hyuna, hyosung (secret), ga-in (beg), kim junsu (dbsk/jyj) + other cameos

Kiss Twice
After almost a decade and a half, Hyuna’s biggest fear comes back to haunt her.
--- chaptered [C] - mystery (?)
--- lee joon, hyuna, fei (miss a)




Sooyoung is a “Red Priestess”, a trained human capable of seeing supernatural beings. She’s lived for hundreds of years and loneliness can sometimes take its toll. When an odd boy by the name of Daesung crashes into her apartment, Sooyoung finds for her new companion a place in her heart while they work together to solve various cases. With an unknown enemy approaching, can they survive?
--- chaptered [C] - adventure, fantasy, some comedy
--- sooyoung (snsd), daesung (big bang), park jung min (ss501), yuri (snsd) + other cameos

Sooyoung was a “Red Priestess”, a trained human capable of seeing supernatural beings. After disappearing for three years with absolutely no memory of what happened, Sooyoung tries to regain her abilities while adjusting to her parents’ habits and Daesung’s usual attics. But Death has other plans for her. With a rogue reaper on the loose, all four must struggle to maintain their relationship until the end or face the consequences of their mistakes.
--- chaptered [C] - adventure, fantasy, some comedy

--- sooyoung (snsd), daesung (big bang), park jung min (ss501), yuri (snsd) + other cameos

Sooyoung is a “White Priestess”, a trained human capable of seeing supernatural beings. After a rain of fire covered the evening sky, Sooyoung has to deal with the new threat. Suspicious of Death and with absolutely no clue on what’s going on, she’ll do everything to protect her family and make sure the world order doesn’t crumble.
--- chaptered [C]
 - adventure, fantasy, some comedy
--- sooyoung (snsd), daesung (big bang), park jung min (ss501), yuri (snsd) + other cameos



My ears pick a sound that does not belong to me; dry, lacks empathy
--- drabble [C]
--- niel centric

Daniel met Henry. Henry met Daniel. They both need somebody to breathe through as they are underwater and suffocating.
--- chaptered [C] - slice of life
--- niel (teen top), henry lau, dongwoo (infinite)

Henry met Daniel. Daniel met Henry. They both need somebody to breathe through as they are underwater and suffocating.
--- chaptered [C] - slice of life
--- henry lau, niel (teen top), jinyoung (b1a4), dongwoo (infinite)

I’m nobody; just another withered flower he tried to take care of and then abandoned in a vase.
--- drabble [C]
--- dongwoo (infinite), niel (teen top) / dongwoo centric

Henry and Daniel promised each other their hearts, but patching them up takes time. Be it winter, be it spring, the flowers inside their chests keep on blooming as long as they are taken care of.
--- chaptered [C] - slice of life
--- niel (teen top), henry lau, dongwoo (infinite), jinyoung (b1a4), donghae (super junior) + other cameos




I don't feel so good.
--- drabble [C]
--- kai (exo), taemin (shinee) / kai-centric

Pretty Boys Die Last
Jongin will do anything to be Taemin's Kai.
--- chaptered [C] - experiment
--- taemin (shinee), kai (exo), jonghyun (shinee), key (shinee)

Gotta Dance with Hate
Once upon time, there was this stupid kid that "accidentally" stole my toy. We'd been best friends for years until he decided to leave me. Now the bastard is back.
--- chaptered [DR] - slice of life, comedy
--- kai (exo), taemin (shinee), chanyeol (exo), minho (shinee), yunho (dbsk), onew (shinee), changmin (dbsk) + possible other cameos

The Lost One's Weeping
Sehun died and for a week, Jongin wished he could turn back time and prevent it from happening. When given the chance, he believes the best solution is sacrificing their relationship. After all, if something hadn't begun, how can it have an ending?
--- oneshot [C] - angst, supernatural
--- kai (exo), sehun (exo), taemin as the kid (shinee/not mention), luhan as the friend (exo/not mention)

Perfume of a Nonentity
Today, he met a stranger.
--- oneshot [C] - drabble
--- kai (exo), sehun (exo) / kai-centric

Mishap on the Menu
Taemin wants to do something special for their 10th anniversary. Jongin brings Sehun along and ruins everything.
--- oneshot [C] - romantic comedy (?)
--- taemin (shinee), kai (exo), sehun (exo), minho (shinee)

Night of Jubilee
They were never heroes and they never wanted to be, until their very foundation crumbled.
--- chaptered [DR] - post-apocalyptic/dystopian
--- taemin (shinee), kai (exo), ravi (vixx), moonkyu/timoteo (hotshot)

St. Jude
Sehun’s life changes the moment Taemin enters it. He also feels the need to tell everything to his best friend in a series of long e-mails because why not?
--- chaptered [C] - slice of life
--- taemin (shinee), sehun (exo)

Put Some Pants On
Taemin and Jongin do the dumbest thing of their lives (alright, second dumbest) because they are both too proud to give up on a dare.

--- oneshot [C] - crack/comedy
--- taemin (shinee), kai (exo), krystal (fx), moonkyu/timoteo (hotshot)

I Lost My Pants
In which Taemin is extremely jealous on Jongin always hanging around with his new friend, so he does the only sensible thing (okay, second sensible thing) one might do a situation as such: start the prank war.

--- oneshot [C] - crack/comedy
--- taemin (shinee), kai (exo), jimin (bts), krystal (fx), moonkyu/timoteo (hotshot)

Where Are My Pants?
In which Taemin and Jongin are troublemakers and dumb high-school kids, but there’s nowhere else they’d rather be than in the company of each other.

--- collection [C] - slice of life
--- taemin (shinee), kai (exo), krystal (fx), moonkyu/timoteo (hotshot) & others

Share With Me The Sun
Taemin’s the breeze in the summer and Jongin’s the flower plucked of petals.
--- chaptered [O] [+] - romance, slice-of-life
--- taemin (shinee), kai (exo), ravi (vixx), chanyeol (exo) and others

Red Moon on the Shore
After the sudden demise of an old friend, Chanyeol inherits his hotel by the shore just when he was struggling to find a job. When guests disappear and a journal left behind by the former owner tells a strange tale of a mysterious man that came from the depths of the ocean, Chanyeol wonders whether there’s more to the story.
--- chaptered [O] - mystery, thriller
--- chanyeol (exo), kai (exo), taemin (shinee) and others

Hold Your Horses
Taemin is tasked with seducing Kim Jongin’s fiancée but why does he feel he’s the one falling into a trap?

--- chaptered [O] - comedy, crack (?)
--- taemin (shinee), kai (exo), seulgi (red velvet), ravi (vixx)




Tequila Loves Me
The world in which Sooyoung threw pools of color became mine. It was a land filled with a large spectrum, from values of triple zeroes to 255
--- drabble / short-oneshot [C] - experiment, sci-fi (?)
--- park jung min (ss501), sooyoung (snsd), kyuhyun (super junior) / jung min centric

Good Intent
Her stomach twisted and turned. The acid inside clawed at her soft tissue with fury
--- drabble / short-oneshort [C] - wannabe fluff...?
--- sooyoung (snsd), jessica (snsd)

Henry can clearly read people's memories through a simple touch. It's a curse he lived with after a horrible accident nobody talks about. That is, until he meets a bastard child whose blurred past causes a spark of curiosity. What's garbage for some, could be treasure for another. So can his curse also be a blessing?
--- chaptered [DR] [D] - supernatural, thriller
--- henry lau, niel (teen top), kai (exo), taemin (shinee)

Voiceless Soul
Minsoo doesn't get along with the new students. Except for the boy that hit him with a baseball.
--- oneshot [C] - cheesiest thing I have ever written
--- cap (teen top), niel (teen top), changjo (teen top)

Salt & No Pepper
Her name is Choi Sooyoung and for the past 3 years, her words became law.
--- oneshot / drabble [C] - fluff
--- sooyoung (snsd), jessica (snsd), krystal (fx)

Takuya wonders.
--- oneshot / drabble [C] - fluff?
--- takuya (cross gene), lee jae joon



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