Share With Me The Sun



Stranger, stranger in the night…

Taemin’s the breeze in the summer and Jongin’s the flower plucked of petals.




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Less than 20 30 chapters (probably, still debating) - one main writer, two minds, bear with us c:
Thank you for reading.


portugal. the man - share with me the sun 
sorority noise - using
portugal. the man - smile
eden - wake up
julien baker - something
city and colour - killing time
james bay - scars
low roar - nobody loves me like you

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I did not expect to like this story that much, as I usually prefer much darker themes, but I have totally fallen in love with it. I like how it’s kind of realistic, not predictable and surprising in some way. Keep the good work!
Chapter 15: I sighed loudly once I finished reading thus chapter. like, I know this is NOT the end but I assume finally putting a label on their relationship is already a big leap for them. I re-read the other 14 chapters too & just like how it was the first time I read it, i couldn't help but feel a lump in my throat in every word. The emotion is so raw my weak soft heart can't handle it ;________;
You once told me that Jongin wasnt any better than Taemin & I think I can finally start to see why. Yet I can't help but root for him because these two dumbos deserve love ;_______; look at me being mushy once again ;________;
And happy belated birthday to Koemi ^^
Chapter 15: So glad to see that the comments section is finally open for this story again! I was very frustrated with both Jongin and Taemin in this chapter, but I guess the way they act around each other is due to their past relationships. I'm happy that they finally got together. ;;
rddenthusiast #4
Chapter 15: thank you so much for updating, I really enjoyed this chapter!! this is such a great story I can't wait to see how it progresses!
-1 points #5
Chapter 15: I really love the plot and it's pacing and the characters ㅠㅠ the way they're growing more fond of each other, but also having their unspoken misunderstandings and worries..want to see them get to know each other more and more..
they're so precious together, they need to be happy~
Chapter 1: I'm shuddering. That last line, tho. I should steal it and use it one day (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
Totyfroty #8
Chapter 14: Yes, Mr. Kim <3 :):):) loved your update <3
Chapter 14: always so happy and excited for updates <3 love them so much, and want hem to be happy uwu
_pequinessa #10
Chapter 14: God, I love this story so much. Currently, it's the only story that gets me out of my taekai-deprived misery. Your writing is so much fun, all the little details and the narration are exceptionally good! Taemin and Jongin's characters are so complex yet so matching. Taemin's fam is adorable <3 thanks for continuing writing this fic, I love it so much!!