() Love Auction

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An auction that brings love to two people

One date becomes a forever.



Hey Dolls ^^

Hello~ It's the time of the year again. July already show itself, my Dolls~ You know what is it right? (I'm sure you know if you're with me since last four years, you definitely know). It's Jicheol day! Well, same old, I will explain if you're a newbie Dolls (is what I called my reader *wink), so I celebrate 19 July as Jicheol couple day (and 19 October as wedding day yeah). With that celebration, I am giving you guys a story for Jicheol couple day! The annual story that I have been doing since four years ago (my, this year is the fifth!). I tried hard to make a nice one but I don't know if it's okay. I hope you can accept this as a gift. Like the tradition, you will get the story ended on 19th, as usual I will do a chapter per day, so wait for the first chapter to come at the right time then you can counted down how much chapter I have for this story, huhu.

As I said earlier, I have write this annual fic since four years ago - my gosh i can't believe it's already fifth year. (You can find the past stories under the series below the story status above). This annual fic, I don't know how long I will keep doing this but I hope it won't stop, and also the idea won't stop. Like I said in last year foreword, I'm lack of inspiration already it's getting hard to make it interesting and different each year. It's very hard to write this one I'm telling you so I have no confidence at all tbh.  Anyway, give loves to the precious Seventen boys. Keep supporting the talented boys, Carats. Give JiCheol a lot of love too! Happy Jicheol couple day~ (#Jicheolcoupleday #200719 ) ^.^ Cover picture credit to the owner.

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--I only own the storyline which purely MINE!--

If you ever come across a simliar story like this that is not just simply changing the names of the characters which can be consider as plagiarism, it's just coincident~ you know FF in this world is going beyond trillion ^^

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