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Which pair(s) you want to be featured in AFTERSHOW chapter(s)?

  • VIXX N and Ravi [Navi]
  • VIXX Ken and Leo [Keo]
  • VIXX Hyuk and Hongbin [HyukBin]
  • Eunhye with new character or Taka with new character

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.Hello from Choi Seungcheol.
Hello~ I'm ranasungmin (not a real name), you can call me either Rana or Suzy (my English name). I'm simply like Kpop (call me Kpop Freak lol) and treat it like it's my life, my oxygen... They are! I appreciate all idols who manage to debut, because they work hard. But, there are some I dislike (not hate). Who? Let's make it secrets, okay? I wish I have more friends from any fanbases. I don't care about it because I just want to be friends~ I love SUJU, DBSK5, Seventeen, Beast|Highlight, BTOB, VIXX, Infinite, etc (mostly boybands, it's too many to list out!) and A-Pink, Lovelyz, Pristin too~ I have started writing story since I'm 10-11 years old (of course stories in my mother tongue and fantasy stuffs that the ideas come from anime I love) and it's revolving into Kpop fics when I started to follow Kpop back in the end of 2007. But I just started writing stories in English since I joined AFF and I'm not a good English speaker so my writing grammar is quite (but still I hope you can bear with it). I want to make it clear that I write stories just to share my imaginations and ideas so I quite careless about grammars, but if you spot my mistake, I will gladly appreciate your correction! ^^ Okay, that's me! Thanks to all my subbers, voters, readers and also supporters (who I called Dolls)! Do leave comment for my improvement! Bultakhae, kamsahamnida! (To know more about me, you can visit padlet link. If you follow my twitter, just know that I mix two languages there, Malay and English ^^)