Friday Night

The Love of Wenrene
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AN: Bold and Italics is a song "Sway by Michael Bublé


A very beautiful starry night, Wendy is out and on her way to open mic night at The ReveLuv Bar owned by her adorable friend Yeri.


She can't help but feel excited about this night as she prepared a very special performance. She is well known there as a matter-of-fact. She loves singing, she loves anything that has to do with music, so she can't wait to perform.


Irene's Third POV


"I'm at home right now"


Irene says to Seulgi through the phone.


"WHY are you at home on a Friday night? Go out with us, you have to let loose unnie, jesus!"


Irene thinks to herself. 'I know I'm a boring person, but I prefer to stay at home than going out'


"No, I wanna stay in" Irene says in a lazy tone, still laying on her bed.


"No unnie, you're coming with us whether you like it or not, we are going out and having fun, we'll be there in 3 minutes so get ready" Seulgi says in a stern voice.


Irene groans and finally says "Ugh, Fine!" And hangs up on Seulgi, not wanting to go out, but if she doesn't she knows they'll dress her up forcibly and take her.


Irene gets up to change into her white t-shirt, a black denim jacket with black jeans and some black high heels. She fixes her hair and puts on some lip gloss to finish off her look.


As she stares at herself, she hears a knock on her door, she groans. She starts walking towards the door and opens it revealing Seulgi and Joy.


Seulgi and Joy: Hey Unnie!


Irene: Hey guys, do I really have to go?


Seulgi: Yes unnie


Seulgi nods as Joy starts to pull Irene to the car. As they all enter the car, they make their way to their destination.


15 minutes later.


The trio arrive to their destination after some time and as they get out Irene looks around and looks up at the bright sign.


Irene: The ReveLuv Bar??


Joy: Yes Unnie, we are gonna get wasted today!


Both Seulgi and Joy get excited as for Irene, she feels the opposite, she is dreading this night already.


As they enter the bar, they all sit at a table, they get their first drinks and hang out.


Irene: Why did you guys have to bring me here out of all places? I didn't even wanna go out, I could've been at home enjoying a movie night by myself.


Seulgi: But Unnie, you need to go out and have some fun once in a while!


Joy: Plus, you could maybe even run and finally meet your special someone


Irene rolls her eyes and takes a sip from her drink. As thoughts wander in her mind. "I don't wanna meet a special someone, I wanna be on my own." She says to herself.


As the trio continue their night, the lights suddenly get dim, the trio look towards where the spotlight is hitting as a young woman comes out.


Yeri: Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all may already know or if you're new. I am Yeri, the owner of this bar.


Everyone applauds, as well as the trio.


Yeri: For tonight, I am proud to say we have a special guest you all love, the one and only Wendy!


Everyone cheers as they see the beautiful young woman named Wendy wearing a red tight dress and red lipstick with blonde hair, Irene sits up and straightens herself to get a better look at Wendy and Irene whispers to herself.


Irene: Wendy..


As Wendy gets up on stage and gets closer to the microphone, she smiles and waved at everyone.


Wendy: Hello everyone, thank you for coming today and I hope you enjoy my performance.


Irene couldn't help but feel her heartbeat quicken as Wendy spoke, but nothing prepared her for what came next and she's lucky to have a front row seat.


Wendy prepares herself and starts to sw

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