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My Favorite KPOP groups of all time

1. Girls' Generation -  stanning since 2010 they introduced me to the world of KPOP. It's been 10 years but they're still slaying and competing with junior groups I love my long standing Queens of KPOP ♡

When you think you could not stan any other group then there's this disrespectful es knocking on my heart and that's the cake group

2. Red Velvet - I love this babies it reminded me of my Baby Sone days.  They are really amazing they really got everything visuals,vocals, music and personality!! I always wish for this group to be as successful as GG and yeah they're doing it right now

My Main Hoes (OTP)

TaeNy - This es owns me forever

WenRene - currently owning my

Some of my OTPs too:

JeTi - what a powerful couple 

Taengsic - Ouch this tragic couple :(

WenSeul - Fluffy and soft babies 

WenJoy - this two slowly easing into my heart

JoyGi - Cutest couple 

SeulRene - Totally hot together