I'll Be Your Eyes [COMPLETE]

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2 completely different people from
Sehun was born blind. Yuna was born perfectly.

Both of them has been friends ever since pre-school.
Yuna was the only friend that Sehun had while Yuna had a lot of friends.
Yuna wasn’t picky to be friends with the best kids only, she’s genuine about everything.


After so many years apart, will both of them still know each other or?

(A/N: In this story, I don’t want to focus so much on things like the characters wealth, what school they went to, what’s their social group is like and all those status related. Let’s just focus on Sehun and Yuna.)


Main Characters

Choi [Madeleine] Yuna (You)

She’s 18.
What can I say about Yuna? Hm…She is cute, nice, funny and honest.
The only child, well technically she’s not the only child but her older brother died due to an accident.




He's 18.
Sehun may be a hottie now but he had
a history where he shared it with family & friends only.
Now, he’s always acting cool and he looks like he doesn’t give a damn about people; but he’s just doing that because he doesn’t want people to see his weak side.



Hey! KimmyNurry presents you a brand new fanfic starring Sehun (Exo-K) and Choi Yuna (You).

If by any chances that my story has the same storyline or almost exacts as other fanfics, it is purely a coincidence. I don't play dirty; I wrote/write this fanfic purely based on my ideas and inspirations of what I get from watching movies or listening to music. So please respect me as a writer and don't try to steal any ideas.

Anyways, enjoy it.

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Story Started: 24/07/2013
Story Ended: 09/02/2014


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