An Alpha and A Raven [COMPLETE]

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After going through the emotional devastation of her grandfather’s death, Rei learns to be even stronger and more independent than she ever was before.

To the place where she suffered from losing both her parents, to growing up with scars of hardship painted on her skin, and it was also the same place where she had her first heartbreak.

Having to fight her feelings away, she’s faced with an even more difficult test – such as rising to the throne she was born to rule, tracking down a long-time enemy whose out for her family’s blood, finding her soul, and losing someone she loves to what fate had chosen for her.

Start: 01/11/2016
End: 13/11/2017



Mark Tuan
Rei Shin Kawaguchi (O/C)
Miyu (O/C's Best Friend)

Tama KawaguchiKoichi Iwaki
Asuki Kawaguchi - Kaori Momoi
Kwon Eunsuh - Yoon Yoo Sun
Kwon Yongsuk - Choi Minsik
Miura Haruma - himself
Dazai Tomoya - Yamaa Tomohisa
Hana - as whoever you hate

Settings / Location

South Korea
Japan - Kyoto - Hokkaido

Reminder / Warning

Contains violence, profanities, some mature scenes

No animals were harmed in the making of this story.

This is purely fiction.

Werewolves don't exist.

Hot guys, on the other hand though, they EXIST! (Just look at GOT7!) *sigh dreamily*

There’s no hate against any other fan base or any groups. (LOTS OF LOVE)


Welcome to the second book of ‘An Alpha and A Yakuza’

Thank you to those who continues to show support for this fic and me, and thank you for subscribing to this sequel.

To my original readers – I know the first book was very angst and tense, but I promise you that here, both of this stubborn nut-job will work things out and try to lighten up the atmosphere. There is going to be some cliché scenes, cheesy moments, lovey-dovey moments, and maybe a little steamy moment *wiggle eyebrows* I hope you’re all ready to cringe!

To my new readers – For a better understanding of these characters’, I suggest you all read the first book.

Let me just give you guys a heads up, that I’ll be writing 1st POV and 3rd POV – back and forth, from time to time, so don’t feel weird or confuse at the transition. It’ll be fun. You get to see inside their mind and as a reader’s perspective.

Here on again, I present you a bizarre looking story with a cliché title.

Enjoy! ♥

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Prequel / Prelude / First Book

An Alpha and A Yakuza

Poster & BG done by:

 RogueAmbrose @ Ilaria Multishop


• ItsAmivi

[13/11/2017] May Rei and Mark's love last for 'INFINITY' on this last chapter of 'ALPHA&RAVEN'


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Chapter 50: Hello I just spent several days reading the first and the sequel. I couldn't put my phone down. Just wanted to leave the comment and say I really like your writing, I could visualise a lot of what was described and it was smooth and flowy. I love them so much. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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I was not the biggest fan for Rei but that only shows how wonderful you have portrayed her. She isn't perfect and yet I can't help but root for her and be happy when she is.
I read this story in one shot and definitely no regrets. Loved it!!
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