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An Alpha and A Raven [COMPLETE]
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Warning: (Mild) Suggestive Contents


As I was busying myself with helping the ladies in the pack to set up the bonfire – I must say, they love gatherings and barbecuing, doesn’t matter if the weather’s getting cold. Because need I remind you guys that they already had one, last month. Now, once more before winter starts – and probably in celebration of me getting better or maybe we’re celebrating for Mark and me to have finally come together.

“There’s a small lighter in Mark’s office,” Jackson nodded as he exits the house.

I knocked on the door, just in case, and enter. To my surprise, he was in the room, looking hot and all. “Jackson says there’s a lighter here, and we need to use them.”

He chuckled before getting up, and walked over to me, eyes dark and stormy “I thought you’re smarter than that.” He teased.

I narrowed my eyes as I try to analyze him “What do you want?”

“You,” He yanked my body forward, molding us together. My body flushed against his, I tried pulling myself away from his grip, but failed.

With lust filled eyes, moist looking cherry lips, he stood between my legs – pushing me slightly over his desk, so now I was sitting on the edge.

His dark orbs captivated me, and when I knew I lost myself in them, he took control and started claiming the space between my collarbone and neck. My head lolled to the side in pleasure, I felt his sharp teeth grazing gently against my skin as he claims the other side of my neck.

Once I was done ing his black button down shirt, my fingers raked through his dark tousled hair, tugging on it – unintentionally encouraging him to continue what he’s doing. His chest rumble in satisfying groan, and in a swift his hand dropped from my neck to ing the two buttons on the front of my dress, revealing my cleavage.

His sinful of lips trailed down to my chest, just above my . Arching my back in delight, I let him devour me. I dug my nails on his shoulders when his other hand caressed the inside of my thigh, he moaned when he felt my nails graze against his .

“I can smell how much you want me,” He whispered almost too sensually next to my ear. Suddenly, he pulled away with a victorious smug look plastered on his face whilst buttoning his shirt back.

I, on the other hand, must’ve look like a storm swept past me – leaving me needy, breathless, annoyed, and agitated.

Throwing his head back, that y sound of laughter echoed around the room “See you in a bit, babe.” Closing the door behind him with a wink.

That motherer! I wanted to scream bloody murder the second he left me all hot and bothered. ! How did I let him get to me like that? And that er had the pleasure to laugh at my misery. I glare a hole at the door. Oh, he’s going to get it!

Quickly pulling myself together, I brushed my hair with my finger, and button back my dress. Looking at myself on the glass of the cabinet, I saw a faint reflection of hickeys forming. Instead of pulling my hair out, I cursed that to hell and back!

I can’t go out looking like this! Carefully opening the door to his office, I poked my head out from the door, and called “Miyu!”

Bambam, fortunately crossed my path “Are you okay, noona?” Looking confused and .

I fumed “No!” Exhaling a slow and steady breath “I’m sorry, I need Miyu. Can you get her for me, please? Oh! And tell her to bring her makeup kit.”

The boy nodded his head and went off the mission I set out for him. A couple of minutes later, he returned with Miyu in tow.

“I’m here! What’s up?” The girl raised a curious eyebrow.

I yanked the girl into the room and casted a grateful smile at Bambam “Thank you, Bam. You can go now. We’ll be out in a bit.” And slammed the door on his face.

Turning around to face Miyu was dreadful because not only will she laugh at me, but she’ll remember this day till she dies. “I need you to cover this up.” Pointing at the several hickeys on my neck and chest.

Miyu scanned at the mark for a moment before cracking up in fits of laughter. “This is classic move for a boyfriend to pull on a girlfriend before an event.”

I glare at her “Can you help me or not?”

The girl stopped laughing, wiping the excess of tears away and started taking out colors of foundation and dabbed it on certain area. “Tell me, how was it? Hot? Meh? So-so?”

“Shut up,” I rolled my eyes, but you could hear the embarrassment in my voice as my cheeks flared up as well.

“Aww! Miss I-don’t-give-a- is blushing!” Miyu laugh again “Wait, let me take a picture of this.”

I groaned “Miyu, I swear, I will kill you in your sleep.” I threatened.

“Okay, okay!” Her laughter died once more. With one last add of makeup, she smiled “Done.” And she starting packing up. “To be honest, you look so much better with the hickey.”

I shot her another glare for her to shut up, and exited the office. For some reason, I start noticing how people would look in my direction and have either a smirk or a grin on their face.

“Mi, do I look weird? Or is that thing still on display?” I whispered, slightly feeling annoyed.

The girl chuckled “I don’t think it’s the way you look. It’s more like the way you smell.”

I narrowed my eyes at her “How would you know?”

“This is exactly what happened after JB and I had done it.” Then she nudged at me “Trust me, the pack already loves you. They would be even happier if you proudly bear his mark.” She stressed on the noun. “And if you’re still wondering, you smell like him.”

Miyu pulled me over to a se

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[13/11/2017] May Rei and Mark's love last for 'INFINITY' on this last chapter of 'ALPHA&RAVEN'


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