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An Alpha and A Raven [COMPLETE]
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It was days later after the gathering – or should I say after the payback! It cracks me up every time I reminiscent it. And he would glare at me whenever I stare off into nothing and suddenly laughs.

I admit, he’s adorable. Very adorable. But don’t tell him I said that.

“Has anyone seen Mark?” I ask those present in the living room.

“I have!” A little boy responded enthusiastically.

Bending to the little boy’s height, I smiled “Can you tell me where he went?”

He nodded his head before leaning at me and whispered “He said – look for him in the woods.”

I frowned slightly, not because what the boy said was cryptic – hardly cryptic – it was just the fact that there are woods surround this entire Pack’s ground. So, which side of the woods is he in?

“Okay,” I smiled at the boy as I stood in my full height “Thanks, little man.” I ruffled his hair.

Stepping out of the house, I took a deep breath as I scanned the entire woods ground in a panoramic view.

Without wasting any more time, I head out to his special place first – our picnic area – hoping that he’d be there.

Standing by the flowing river, I look around for any sign of him. Harrumphing in annoyance, I called him out. “Tuan?”

I called him for a couple of times until I was getting really irritated “If this is about what happened in your office – I’m sorry! Okay!” Still nothing. “Mark!”

Suddenly, pair of strong yet gentle arms s around my waist from behind. How did I not hear or sense that?

“I love it when you call my name.” His warm breath tickles my ear, subtly placing a feathery kiss on my neck.

“Tuan?” I teased as I turn around to face him. “How do I know that it’s really you, the Mark Tuan?” I eye him suspiciously.

His face fell before rolling his eyes, but when he saw how serious I was, he said “Ask me something that only the Mark Tuan knows.”

Humming for a second when I quickly ask “How many tattoos do I have in total?”

“Four.” And he went on explaining what they are “Your Raven-wolf tattoo on the back of your left shoulder, a tribal tattoo on your spine, a lotus on the back of your neck, and my mark – right here.” He gently caresses his mark on my left collarbone, and instantly, I feel the pull and comfort towards him.

I nodded my head “Okay, you’re Tuan all right.”

He glares at me and I laughed. “No, say my name again.”

“Tuan – that’s your name too.” I mocked.

The second he starts to tickle my middle was when my guards fell, and I was having the moment of my life with the soulmate chosen for me to spend the rest of my life with.

“I didn’t know Miss Badass here is a ticklish person!” He did sou

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[13/11/2017] May Rei and Mark's love last for 'INFINITY' on this last chapter of 'ALPHA&RAVEN'


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Chapter 50: Hello I just spent several days reading the first and the sequel. I couldn't put my phone down. Just wanted to leave the comment and say I really like your writing, I could visualise a lot of what was described and it was smooth and flowy. I love them so much. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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I was not the biggest fan for Rei but that only shows how wonderful you have portrayed her. She isn't perfect and yet I can't help but root for her and be happy when she is.
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