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An Alpha and A Raven [COMPLETE]
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[3rd POV + Rei's dream]

Because her grandmother had to fly to Kyoto, and that woman worried about Rei staying home alone. She had made the girl sleepover at Mark’s house.

Obviously, Mark and Miyu were beyond ecstatic to have heard of her week-long stay. Mostly, Mark, simply because he’s being too attached to Rei lately.

If it was up to Rei, she would’ve gone with her grandmother, but due to a small riot and disagreement between her family members – she was forced to stay put and wait for a week till her grandmother returns.

From the start, Rei had no choice to begin with. It was either sleepover at Mark’s or have the woman’s bodyguards around her personal space, and Rei wasn’t about to lose her mind over it, so she went along and stayed with Mark. Being around him have been tolerable, even though she’d avoid him with every chance she got.

Tossing and turning on the bed, even in sleep, Rei couldn’t find her peace. Frowning and grumbling incoherent words in her sleep had awoken Mark, who was sleeping in the room next to her, especially since he has sensitive hearing.

Upon entering Rei’s bedroom, he saw her writhing as if trying to set herself free from something; something like her nightmare.

Getting on the bed, Mark brushed strands of her hair away from her perspiring yet beautiful feature. “Rei,” He calls out softly.

How can Rei hear anyone from the living world calling out to her, when in fact, she was fighting against someone who’s supposed to be dead – in her dream.

Rolling off the dirt, I was back on my feet, circling the person who had tackled me to the ground. She growled menacingly at me, barring her sharp teeth at me, as if she wanted to chew me off like a chew toy.

The girl who looks to be like Hana jumped at me and we tumbled back on the ground, fighting like a bunch of mad men. Pulling hair out of each other’s roots are so ancient, instead, we packed a punch on one another’s faces, creating dark hues of bruises that’s starting to form.

Not a moment later, rain started pouring down, drenching, and covering us in dirt. She threw a right hook punch over my side, just on my ribcage, and I felt it cracked.

Panting rather harshly, I try to stabilize myself from losing any more breaths. I admit, this girl is too strong for me. Or have I lost my touch in combat fighting.

What happened was, I think like in every other dream I enter after closing my eyes, I’d either hear voices or catch a glimpse of someone I know or not. But this one was so different.

This girl stood 5 feet apart from me, glaring at me, and finally she said “You might’ve already killed me, but in your head, I’m still alive.” Grinning wickedly at me before lunging towards me.

Hana or not, both needs to die, forever! No more returning in dream or reality. Just die and never come back.

Giving her a round kick, she fell on her back. Buried underneath the dirt, not far from where we’re tussling, I saw a glint of silver dagger. As I was sprinting my way over, a hand tugged on my ankle, making me fall face first.

My arm lengthened towards the dagger as this psycho climbs on my back. The tip of my fingers caught the metal before I pushed myself an inch closer to the silver, and grasped it firmly in my hand.

She my back, straddling on my torso, her hands around my neck as she was ready to strangle me.

I could feel how my lungs was deprived of oxygen and how my eyes had rolled back, the dagger in my hand slowly starts to slip.

“Stay strong, Rei.” A soothing warm voice echoed around, and it seemed like I was the only one who had heard it.

Ignoring the pain on my throat, I brought my arm with the dagger to my chest and with the little strength I have left, I plunged it straight into her gut.

Unconsciously, Rei’s hand grip for the dagger she had placed under her pillow, and in the dangerous state of mind she was in; accidentally, it pierced through someone’s flesh.

At the gasp, the girl’s eyes fluttered opened to find Mark hovering over her. With an unsettled feeling, they glanced down at the object between them. Momentarily, Rei’s hea

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[13/11/2017] May Rei and Mark's love last for 'INFINITY' on this last chapter of 'ALPHA&RAVEN'


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