Fall (One-shot) [Complete]

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Truth hurts, but lying is worse
When a relationship is based on lies, it's bound to fall apart sooner or later
Once the trust is broken and chances have run out, the only way to end it all is walk away

Walking away doesn't mean that they're giving up, but rather, take the time and heal
Its as if they had just stepped out of a suffocating space, and finally breathe in that fresh air they've been longing for
Healing by themselves also means for them to find their purposes in life and help them realize what they needed to do all along
Fight for something they believe in or let go of everything they've worked hard on




First of all, thank you to those who voted for the main male character!

And Exo Xiumin won the poll by 30 votes while BTS Suga had 22, so it's clear who the male character is. 

Before you start, I need to warn you guys that it may not be the best because I lost all my sparks in writing (okay, not all! but, still) at some part it felt like meh... It was kinda challenging for me to write this, but I honestly had fun while doing it, and I hope you guys like it! 


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▼ Poster & BG by Shin-oppa


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Chapter 1: Ah, poor Sehun! But who could resist Minseok? lol (I would have a hella of a hard time picking between them if they both wanted me. ) XD Great job, I hope you keep writing and find your passion for it. ^^
I hope you spark for writing revives! (I understand that feeling, its no fun.) The story seems interesting and I can't wait to read. ^^