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no ads of any kind allowed on my wall or pm.

want me to read your story? no, even if you write with my favorites. I'd rather find those stories myself. I don't beta / review unless you're my friend. i only roleplay on serious forums / boards or with my friends and i do not want to join your contest.

here for my stories? masterlist links are at 'about me'. no, i won't make a sequel / spin-off unless i want to. no, i will not continue a story i dropped. i don't know when i'll update x or y and no, i will not write with z or pairing xyz.

here for graphics? find me at wgf or neverland. not taking personal requests. I don't work anywhere else, I'm not interested in working anywhere else. if you're looking for my resources, they are here.

accepting friend requests from people I know. no random adds, I'll ignore you. if you need anything else, just message me, my wall is open most of the time - if closed, it means i do not want to be bothered during that period.

i'm a judge at reveur, check us out?


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taemin pixel art by SkittleEyes
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I'm Lady Potato.
Part of the Weird Special Millenium Glutton Squad ◕‿◕