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Fall (One-shot) [Complete]
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Everything was going well the entire day until they got to the party they were invited to. Aya was ready to have fun and Minseok; he was ready to get wasted.

As the night got later and the party got raunchier, Aya wanted to go home, but she couldn’t find Minseok anywhere, that was until she checked upstairs.

Call it cliché or whatever, but the moment she stepped foot on the second level of the house, she caught Minseok entering a room with a girl.

Following them to the said room, she didn’t waste a second and opened the door. They didn’t even bother to lock it.

There, before her, they were lip locking.

This is the last time he’s doing this to her. She thought as she zoomed past the drunken group of students, pushing people aside as she couldn’t wait to leave the closed suffocating space.

Aya felt so stupid as she thought back to all the pain he made her go through in such similar way with the girl just now, but she would only turn a blind eye and lied to herself that she was drunk, that wasn’t him. So many lies she told herself to mend her aching heart, but this time, it’s enough.

“Aya, wait!” He screamed.

The said girl continued with her mission to leave the party and the claustrophobic situation. Ignoring her friends call at the same time.

Finally finding her way out, the cold night air smacked her square in the face, sending shivers down her body. But Aya didn’t care; she was too hurt to feel the cold nipping on every inch of her body. The only thing in her mind was that she needed to get away from the place and from him.

“Wait, Aya!” He called, running after her. Just as he was close enough, he caught on her elbow, stopping her in her track.

Aya pulled back her arm, turning around only to spit some vile words “Why don’t you go and yourself!”

She remained on her course way back to her dorm room with Minseok hot on her heels, still wasn’t satisfied. He grabbed her elbow one more time before earning himself a smack on the face.

“Don’t touch me!” Aya screamed frustratingly “Just leave me alone and go back to that girl!”

Minseok’s face darkened, but he never raises his hands and not one thought of hurting the girl back ever cross his mind. Deep down, to him, he thinks he deserved it.

“I’m sorry,” He said, almost inaudible.

Aya scoffed “Sorry?” She repeated, “You’re sorry?” She repeated again, but this time, there was a mockery in her tone “You being sorry doesn’t mean jack to me anymore!”

“What else do you want from me?” He screamed, grabbing a fistful of his hair soon after he pushed them back in frustration “I’ve given you everything and still you’re not happy.”  

Taken aback by his statement, “Everything? You’ve given me everything?” Aya repeated before scoffing in disbelief, shaking her head “What part of everything did you gave me because I don’t remember any! So, please, do remind me!”

They stood in the middle of the empty street, arguing for the umpteenth time this month while Minseok was frozen as he glared at the ground, trying to remember himself.

“That’s right!” She shot, “Nothing! You gave me nothing but that you put me through. You didn’t even realize that I gave you all of me; my demons, scars, deepest fear, and most of all, my heart.”

“You know what makes it even more disappointing?” She said feeling let down all over again “It’s the fact that I fell for you, bad! Not once, but too many times! And every time it happens, you were never there to catch me; instead, you just let me fall.”

Chuckling bitterly, she continued “I guess you were too busy ing with everyone else behind me for you turn blind.” Taking a deep breath, Aya told herself to stand her ground “The question now, what else do you want me to do? Carve out my heart for you? Plead guilty for being too needy?”

Narrowing his eyes at her, he snorted “Oh, don’t act so innocent! You’re no different from me,”

“What are you talking about?” confused at this accusation, she frowned, allowing him to continue.

Slowly clapping his hands, “You’re a pretty damn good liar,” he approached Aya with a dark look “I know you’ve been around behind my back as well,”

If it was possible, her heart broke even more into tinier pieces. Looking straight into his eyes, “I have never cheated on you,” She wanted to fall and just curled up into a ball and cry, but she needed to stay strong for herself “But I guess you would rather believe that from someone else who’s not me.” Nodding her head in assurance, she knew what she had to do to get out of their messed up relationship.

“I’m done.” She said in one breath “I can’t do this with you anymore,” The color on his face had drained the second those words left her, but Aya was in no position to even care anymore. “We’re over! I wish you all the best in life and I hope you live happily and well. Goodbye, Minseok.” was her final words before she walked away.


Fast forward to a month and a half after, she became an empty shell of a human being walking around on campus. At times, the void in her chest felt so unbearable that she just wanted to disappear. Thinking back now, she realized that it was her fault for trusting him with her heart because she remembered when he told her that he wasn’t a nice guy and was sure that he’d break her heart along the way, but when he promised her that he’d change – that part got her into the mess she was in now.

None of her friends knew what to do other than be there for her and keep an eye, in case she decided to do something that could risk her life. But, why would she do that though?

Even though she was in a toxic relationship, she cherishes every bit of her life because she knows there’s a reason why she was brought up to this world and into this lifetime, she just needed to find that purpose.

Aimlessly walking through the hallway, she had no place in mind to be, but along the way, she started getting hungry because she had skipped dinner and breakfast. As she changed her direction towards the cafeteria, turning a corner, she accidentally bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry,” Aya said without glancing at who the person was.

“No,” The latter said, “I’m the one who should be sorry.”

She froze amidst picking her stuff up because she knows who that voice belongs to. Finally, having the courage to lift her head and the last of her books off the floor – her heart shattered. All those bandages, staples, stitches, and cautionary tape around her heart that she mentally tended to, unraveled itself before him.

Her appetite was long forgotten as she tries to get out of the situation as fast as she can because she wasn’t ready to see him again, which explains why she’s been avoiding him and his route on campus and off. That reason alone, she knows herself and how she would break again once she catches a sight of him. And now, this happened. She needs to leave.

As Aya turn to leave the building, he caught her, wrapping his once warm and comforting hand around her own.

Yanking and pulling her arm from his grip was a fail because he didn’t waver and he had a tight hold on her, though not too strong to hurt her.

“Let me go!” Aya demanded, sounding desperate to get away from him. He still had his hand around her wrist; the sign of heartbroken was there, from his disheveled hair to the dark eye bags were visible and unconcealed for everyone to see that he hadn’t been sleeping well, and the redness around his eyes as if he’s been crying as much as she has.

What was he trying to do? Gain her sympathy?

“Please, can we talk?” He pleaded; eyes begging for her to stay a little longer.

Exhaling sharply, Aya turned to him “What more is there to talk about? You’ve said your part and I’ve said mine, there’s nothing to change the fact that we’re not meant to be with each other.”

“But, Aya, I was drunk that night,” His same excuse every single time they fight.

She has had enough of his bull, and with all the strength that she had gathered, Aya forcefully yanked her arm from his hold and glared at him “Drunk?” She scoffed “When will you ever stop lying to yourself and everyone around you? Just accept it, we are over! You can’t fix what’s broken. Our relationship was a joke,”

“Call me stupid or naïve, but I thought I was the one who would be able to help you – no! What am I saying?” She laughed sardonically “I can’t help you, no one can. You want to know why?”

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Chapter 1: Ah, poor Sehun! But who could resist Minseok? lol (I would have a hella of a hard time picking between them if they both wanted me. ) XD Great job, I hope you keep writing and find your passion for it. ^^
I hope you spark for writing revives! (I understand that feeling, its no fun.) The story seems interesting and I can't wait to read. ^^