Luhan Fell In Love With a Ninja Girl 2 [COMPLETE]

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2 years later, Hana is still opposite of Luhan’s type and Luhan wa s as well still the opposite of Hana’s styles. They used to bicker all the time. Now, they are the cutest couple ever. (That’s what Luhan’s mother think.)


High school ended, another new phase of life that Hana is going to experience, going to college!

Going to college with Luhan and the rest of Exo boys’ do sounds fun, but when she’s actually there, it’s totally different from what she expected.

Everything starts to change slowly, even Hana started to change bit by bit. Like every other cliché line this may be, but it is true. New people to see, new surroundings, new challenges, new hardships, and so on the new things are going to happen. Perhaps even a new love evolving sooner or later could occur.


A/N: Read this fanfic at your own risk! There will be lots of cheesiness and cliché’s scenes (i know some of you hates cliche stuff) ! Just telling you in advance! ^_______^

P.S: You don’t have to read this sequel if you don’t want to. :/ If you do read it anyways, ENJOY! & COMMENT pwease! And UPVOTE would do it as well! :D

The First Fic: Luhan Fell In Love With a Ninja Girl!



Main Characters:- 


Minor Characters:-




The Professionals

MasMaster Lu                                          Yukimura Atsuya - 45

Lu's Family Protector 1 -> Mrs. Choi 
Lu's Family Protector 2 -> Mrs. Lee 
Lu's Family Protector 3 -> Mr. Kim 



Haiiiii!!! I, Kimmy, bring you a Sequel of Luhan Fell in Love with a Ninja Girl. I never intend to write a sequel as I stated it in Chapter 34 of the original Luhan Fell in Love with a Ninja Girl! But, I decided to write it in the end, in order to thank you for the 400+ subs that I never thought I’d get! THANK YOU!

If by any chances that my story has the same storyline or almost exacts as other fanfics, it is purely a coincidence.

I don't play dirty; I wrote/write this fanfic purely based on my ideas and inspirations of what I get from watching movies or listening to music or when I was bored. So please respect me as a writer and don't try to steal any ideas. Anyways, enjoy it.


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 Poster & BG credit to Musicchibi & Kimxbb ^_^ 
 If you want an awesome poster, go to 
Fateful Dreamer! 


Idea Formed: 25/12/2013
Created : 03/01/2014
Complete : 21/02/2014


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