The Complicated Love Story of a Girl's Life! [COMPLETE]

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In every girls life, they either have a complicated love story or a complicated life story.
But in this story it has both, it is complicated in love story and in life.
In love story she can choose whoever she wants to be with, 
In life story, she doesn’t have any options but just to accept it~

Main Characters!

Kim Mi Cha (You)


Lee Donghae



Kim Jaejoong


Simon Park



A normal teenage girl, with a pretty normal life will soon about to change course in an adventurous, dangerous, and exciting path of life with lots of secret to be revealed.

What happens when you have a complicated love story, yet sum up with a complicated life?"

Love is supposed to be beautiful, but how are you suppose to feel it when you’re half a person you are?"

Choosing may be the horrible thing to do, but it’s an option you got with a different consequences."

Secrets keep things hidden from hurting such as feeling; The truth may reveal all, but it hurts more than secrets."



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