Chapter 32 Killing Me


*Jade’s been too focused on her relationship with Kyeongjun that she hasn’t had time for Kyehoon and it made him devastated. He starts to throw items around his bedroom screaming.


Kyehoon’s mind: If only I had just confessed my feelings to you in the first place-

But nothing is working out for me.

I’m always a chance too late.

I just want to make you my girl.

Why is that so hard to ask?


*Kyehoon throws all the picture frames of him and Jade onto the ground. He lets the glass shatter in front of him like his broken heart. He crouches onto the ground bawling his eyes out.


Kyehoon: Why?
Why does it always have to be him?

You never spend time with me anymore.

Is our friendship nothing to you?

Do you not care about my feelings?

Why are you being like this to me? 

How come loving you hurts so much?


*Soon Kyehoon ends up crying himself to sleep. 

*Author's note: Sorry for the super short Kyehoon chapter but I promise the next chapters of him will be longer. 

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