Chapter 4 Why Does it Have to Be You?


*After that day Kyeongjun couldn’t get the girl he met at the party out of his mind and it was driving him crazy. He couldn’t sleep he couldn’t concentrate. He missed her so badly and he wanted to see her again but when?


Kyeongjun’s mind: I wish I could see her again.

*grabs his hair in frustration* Ugh why am I even thinking of her?

There’s no way I’m falling in love again. 

No there’s no way… 


*Kyeongjun grabs a bottle of beer from the fridge and chugs it at the spot.


Later that night…


*Kyeongjun and his roommates sit on the couch eating chicken and pizza while watching the soccer game.


Yedam: So hyung, did you meet a girl at the party last Friday?


Daniel: Oh yeah. Where were you man?

You ran off at us the whole time.


Kyeongjun: I ditched the party that’s what.


Yedam: No you didn’t. I saw you at the bar and you were staring at the girl the whole time.


Daniel: What? He was? Dude so you finally moved on eh?

You finally hit a girl, eh hyung?


*Daniel says as he puts his arm around Kyeongjun’s shoulder but he pushes him away.


Kyeongjun: Hit a girl? Pftt as it… girls. everything!

I don’t have time for that .


*Kyeongjun coldly says and gets up from the living room.


Daniel: Dude where are you going?


Kyeongjun: Out that’s what.


*Kyeongjun puts on his jacket and walks out the door. Daniel and Yedam looks at each other and shrugs.


Yedam: I will never understand him.


Daniel: You got that, right? *suddenly stands up screaming* OMGGGG we won!!


*Yedam and Daniel jumps up and down in joy.




*Kyeongjun heads for a walk around the neighbourhood with a cigar in his hand.


Kyeongjun’s mind: I must be out of my mind there’s no way I would like a girl… no not again.


*Kyeongjun puffs the cigar. He notices a familiar figure heading to the bus stop. He recognizes the figure immediately. It’s her.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Isn’t that the girl I met at the party on Friday?

*sees a boy beside her*

But why is she with another guy?

Don’t tell me that’s her boyfriend. 

Aish why do I even care about her.

Love is ing bull.

*steps on the cigar with his feet and heads back inside*


A few days later…


*Kyeongjun finishes his college classes for the day and heads to his job at the library.

The head librarian greets him.


Head librarian: Woo Kyeongjun, can you train her for the next couple of days?


*Kyeongjun turns his head and sees Jade in front of him. He gets surprised at first.

It’s her. It’s her again.


Kyeongjun’s mind: What is she doing here? Don’t tell me she got a job here.

Wait a second… train her?
How in the world am I going to train her?
Why does it have to be her?


*Kyeongjun turns his head and doesn’t answer. He quickly walks away.


A few days later…


*Kyeongjun has spent the next few days training her and he could feel his heart slowly melting away as he gotten closer to her. But the more he had gotten closer to her the more he could feel his heart beating for her and the more he denied his feelings. His heart softens seeing her smile while interacting with the patrons. 


Jade: *checks out the patron’s books* Your books are due on July 30. 

Have a good day. *bows*


*Kyeongjun admires Jade all day and he smiles softly looking at her.


Kyeongjun’s mind: She sure does have a cute smile and laugh.

Damn it, snap out of it, Woo Kyeongjun!

What’s wrong with you?


Jade: Kyeongjun oppa *tugs on his sleeve*


*Kyeongjun quickly turns his head and walks away ignoring her.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Did she just call me oppa?
No one has ever called me that before.

I like it. *softly smiles*


One day…


*Kyeongjun was asked to supervise Jade for an evening shift. He watches her as she spends the evening shelving books.


Kyeongjun’s mind: She’s so cute. *notices her pout*

She looks tired.

I wish I could help her.

Aish… whatever why do I care?
She can handle herself fine.


*Kyeongjun denies his feelings and tries to keep himself distracted by doing other library tasks but he heard something strange. He turns back towards her and he notices her losing her balance on the ladder. He panics and quickly runs to help her.


Jade: Whoa… Whoa!!


*Jade loses her balance as she misses a step on the ladder and she falls. She expected to land on her bottom but she could feel a strong figure from behind supporting her. She looks back and sees Kyeongjun behind her. They make eye contact with each other for a while. For the first time in his life he could feel his heart pounding against his chest and his face turning red.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Love is just a waste of my time and a deadly game but why-

Why does my heart keep beating for you?
Why does it have to be you?

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