Chapter 15 Light of My Heart


*Kyeongjun and Jade hold hands as he drops her off to her house. On the way there she looks at Kyeongjun with a smile on her face.


Jade’s mind: I can’t believe this is actually happening. He likes me. He really likes me.


*They approach the doorstep of her house.


Jade: Well this is it this is my house.

Goodnight oppa.


*Jade turns away from him and was just about to open the door when he suddenly calls out to her.


Kyeongjun: Wait!


*Jade turns around and faces him. This time he’s close to her face about to kiss her again and she gulps trying not to panic.


Jade’s mind: OMG he’s so close to me


*Her heart starts to pound rapidly against her chest and she could feel butterflies churning in her stomach.


Kyeongjun: Are you free this Friday?


Jade: Yeah why?


Jade’s mind: Why is he asking me this? Is he trying to ask me out on a date? *gasps*


Kyeongjun: I’ll pick you up on Friday at 10 am.


Jade’s mind: OMGGG he asked me out!! YESSS!! Oh right I gotta remain calm.

*clears *


Jade: Sure oppa sounds good.


Kyeongjun: *nods* See you then.


Jade: Goodnight oppa. 


*Jade tiptoes, pecks his cheek, and hurriedly runs inside. She closes the door and grabs onto her beating chest.


Jade’s mind: This really is the best night of my life!

He’s sure the light of my heart.

*sighs happily*




*Jade gets ready for bed and lies down on her bed stomach down. She admires the pictures of her and Dareum on the nightstand.


Jade’s mind: I thought it would be hard to get over your death but in the end I did.

Because I found my light.

But you will always remain as a dear memory to me.

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