Chapter 8 Running Out of Time


*First period class started but Jade hasn’t shown up yet making Kyehoon worried. He couldn’t concentrate in class. He looks out the window and sees Jade. He smiles but his smile quickly disappears when he sees her with another guy on a motorcycle. He tilts his head trying to figure out what’s going on.


Kyehoon: Huh? Who’s that with Jade?


*He turns his head and sees Jade bowing to the teacher. He makes eye contact with Jade as she makes her way to her seat and he looks at her worriedly. She takes out her books. 


Kyehoon: What happened? Why are you so late?


Jade: Sorry I slept in and-


Kyehoon: You had another drama marathon again, didn’t you? *elbows her*


*Jade nods and covers her face with her math book feeling ashamed. He chuckles softly to himself.


Kyehoon’s mind: That girl never changes.

And also-


*Kyehoon looks at Jade concentrating in class and softly smiles. 


Kyehoon’s mind: And you know what else never changes?

My heart for her.


After school…


Haruto: Dude, let’s go to the arcade.

We haven’t been there in a while.


Kyungmoon: Good idea, I’m in!


Amaru: Come on, let’s go!


Kyehoon: Sorry you guys not today.


Kyungmoon: What why?

You always refuse to hang out with us.


Haruto: Don’t tell us you’re going to see Jade again?


Kyehoon: *nods* I should get going now.

See you guys tomorrow! *waves and heads off*


*Kyungmoon, Haruto, and Amaru look at each other.


Kyungmoon: When will he ever give up loving her?


Haruto: Beats me *shrugs* 


Amaru: But he better confess soon before he loses his chance.


*The boys agrees and heads off to the arcade together without Kyehoon.


*Kyehoon takes the bus and heads to the library. He smiles.


Kyehoon’s mind: But why do I keep coming back here to see you?

Why does my heart only want you?


*Kyehoon sighs and enters the library. He spots Jade and tries to wave to her but he notices her talking to the guy beside her and he sees and hears something shocking. Jade tugs on the boy’s sleeve.


Jade: Oppa thank you for today I-


*Kyehoon looks away and thinks to himself.


Kyehoon’s mind: What? Oppa?
Could he be-

Could he be the guy that she met at the party?


*Throughout the rest of the evening Kyehoon couldn’t concentrate on studying for his finals because he was bothered by what’s happening in front of him. 


Kyehoon’s mind: Why does she keep calling him oppa?
And why does she spend time with him?


*As Kyehoon continued to observe this from afar the more the jealousy inside of him built up.


Later that night…


*Kyehoon walks out of the library about to head home when he spots Jade talking to the guy for a while before she walks away. He notices the guy looking at her for a while. Soon his hands curled into fists watching this. He couldn’t stand it anymore. 


Kyehoon’s mind: Love is patient, love is enduring, right?

But how come I’m losing my patience whenever I see you?

Why does it feel like I’m running out of time?

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